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(Français) Petit Soleil

(Italiano) Le Petit Soleil est le Coeur Cristallin de la terre, également au cœur d'une nouvelle Terre que les sondes spatiales ont observé dans l'ultraviolet. Cette nouvelle Terre a une forme embryonnaire et est plongé dans une grotte réelle et concrète: la magnétosphère solaire...

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Epochal changes and human consciousness

The North Pole of the Sun’s magnetic field has disappeared. Sun only has one South Magnetic Pole at present, December 3, 2013. It is a wondrous opportunity to free ourselves from bipolarism and whatever belief too. We, humans, can become the creators of a joyful and free world.

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Platonic Cave re-found

The so called "edge of the solar system" could be one of the "walls" - or plasma screens - of a platonic cave. Recent data actually shows that the "edge" acts like a mirror that reflects the "shadows", many different images or holograms of a few real bodies.

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A new universe for a new human mind

"Moon will no longer give its light" John wrote in his Revelation two millennia ago. It is possible, since what we have observed and called "universe" is just a holographic simulation, that is quickly changing. A new universe is going to be born, implying a new human mind

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The Rebirth of humanity

2013 can be the beginning of the wondrous Rebirth that will finally bring what we have yearned for millennia: utopia, individual freedom and collective harmony, overall prosperity, well being, the friendship of all the people, the ones living on the Earth's surface and also the ones who live above or below it.

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