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1. Time and Apple

What is time? Nobody knows. All the people consider it as an eternal and immutable “god”. Time is linked to money and debt, to the increasing scissors between a few, who become richer and richer, and many people who are poorer and poorer. Yet no instrument measures time directly; the so called “universal time” is based on standard frequency of a metal, Cesium, which is constant in time. Yet the rhythms of the organisms are multiple and variable, often linked to the moon cycles and to the Earth’s rotation that is changing quite quickly. Is it the end of the world? No, it is the end of a slavery, the awareness that time is not a “god”, but an effect of the electromagnetic field, as Einstein has shown. The one that evelopes the Earth is like an APPLE and has a giant breach since 2008. Thus we can finally understand the meaning of the “original sin”, what “eating the APPLE” means: it is depending from an apparent past and ignoring that the future already exists.

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