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3. The stars will fall from the sky


The stars will fall from the sky with no danger for us, humans, since they are not massive bodies as astronomers believe, but just holograms, projected on the 3D screen that surrounds all of us: the Earth’s magnetic field. Shaped like an APPLE, this field traps two plasma screens – the Van Allen belts – that are dissolving. It is not the end of the world; it is rather the REVELATION that we have been imbedded into a matrix, a virtual reality of which we, humans, are co-authors. The main AUTHOR is the Earth’s crystalline Core, rotating faster than the surface where we run every day, without knowing why. We can finally realize what LIFE is. It is the “weak neutral current” – a nuclear FIRE – that we, humans, can feel as consciousness, eros and emotions. This FIRE just burns our psyche, showing our human immortality

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