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Organic Universe and Human evolution


“OUR universe has been around for nearly 14 billion years, but it could vanish in the blink of an eye”, say the scientists who consider it as separated by the other universes they themselves calculate. So scientists ignore that we, humans, might participate in many different universes. We just need to use the light side of the Force that links and moves everything, mainly the cells of our human bodies.

Revealed in the laboratory in 1973, the “light side of the Force” is what artists and musician, sages and poets have called the River of Life.

The observed universe is a Cosmic Ologram into which our physical bodies are imbedded during lifetime, a matrix that we might leave at death, so as to participate in another universe or matrix, gifted with different times and combinations of matter. Scientists now calculate and admit their huge blindness, about 95% of the universal mass they themselves calculate. Yet most of them are not able to explain the crucial role of the so called “dark energy” maybe the same one that our brain’s White Matter normally uses, mainly when we are listening to a beautiful Music and not rushing against time.

“Trusting the cathegories of space and time space is evident stupidity wrote Giordano Bruno (1548-1600).

As Einstein has shown with his General Relativity, spacetime is created by the two – gravitational and electromagnetic – fields that astronomers use so as to calculate space distances. Yet General Relativity also foresees spacetime tunnels or wormoholes, which are independent of spacetime and of its “creators”.

The coherent motions of “distant” galaxies have been recently observed, showing the existence of a Cosmic Web that is showing a moving, cosmic oneness. New techniques, such as MRI, show our human ability to use the mysterious “dark energy”, hence to participate in the co-moving Cosmic Web and eventually to transit to the Real Reality.

Our brain’s White Matter can be our “Cinderella shoe“, able to to free our brain’s grey matter from the “step mother”. It is not just a fairy tale. The “step mother” is “normal” matter, a confined state of the atomic nuclei that compose every observed body, including our human ones. Thanks to us and to the surprising natural events, that are occurring, we can finally leave the solid and confined nuclear state, composing our body/brain, and achieve a free, superfluid one, able to win death and gravity.

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