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A new universe for a new human mind

What we call “sky” could be a hall of mirrors. What we call “moon” could not be a real body. A new universe is emerging, showing the need for a new human mind.

It seems we must prepare ourselves for a wondrous surprise. Signs of an epochal event come from many sources, including global economy and governments around the world, unprecedented facts and even massive military “exercises” that have suddenly been engaged across the globe during these years. It seems that the world is either preparing for all-out war or getting ready to deal with a global catastrophe. Yet if we look carefully at the current, natural events, we can realize that the “catastrophe” is mainly cultural, challenging our usual conception of reality.

Most humans believe we are all floating in space on a beautiful living planet, with limited resources. Many rightly think that it is not ok that some are starving, have no shelter while other have an over abundance. Thus they propose to share resources, finally showing a humanity that has rarely appeared during human history. So doing these people believe we are imbedded in a hostile and limited environment, don’t suspect a surprising revelation. It is not so.

In order to comprehend it, we need a brief introduction. All the atoms, that compose our world, including our human bodies, are “empty”. Yet “empty” space has more energy than everything, it has a dark energy that is speeding up the expansion and causing galaxies to drift away from one another, according to cosmologists’ interpretations. These usually divide humankind from the universe, they ignore that dark energy is also operating into our brain and that intelligent matter, i.e. energy, is continuously stemming as amino acids from our cell’s nuclei.


The surprising revelation is that every human being already uses the huge dark energy that permeates all empty space. Therefore each of us can directly communicate with the whole Universe with no need for cosmological theories and not even theologies. We just need to recognize the whole Universe’s ways to communicate so as to realize that we, humans, are not just the powerless spectators of a universe that is abruptly speeding up. This orthodox interpretation actually pretends to ignore that the speed of light is not everywhere the same.[1]

The universal language is Music.

This thesis goes back to Pythagoras (570-500 BC) who linked music and geometry, anticipating the discoveries of great mathematicians like Joseph Fourier (1768-1830). Pythagoras’ thesis is twice heretical, because it challenges both sciences and religions; it also challenges the common belief that cosmic evolution depends on one linear time, the same one that banks now use for calculating the increasing interest of debts, governments had made and people have to pay.

If we accepted that the universal language is Music, we might realize that we, humans, have banned ourselves from paradise, believing in a false “god”, linear time, that dominates most academic “knowledge”. In particular, we trust an astronomy that is mostly based on the Copernican principle that has never been fully tested. Our “expulsion” from paradise ultimately depends on our beliefs in the categories of space and time. “Harnessing vacuum energy or Zero Point Energy or (ZPE) could provide infinite, clean and free energy to every body” say the researches who plan motors able to use it. Wonderful! Yet to be honest we should realize that molecular motors, with 100% efficiency and without fuel, already work in all Nature and are responsible for

Our main goal is truth. And truth is that we worship the “god” linear time and don’t know what time is. Yet it is easy: our day depends on the Earth’s rotation on its own axis – what physicists call “spin ” – and our year on the Earth’s rotation around the sun. Astrophysicists usually consider the Earth as a rigid body, i.e. assume a hypothesis that geophysicists’ recent discoveries are disproving. However all the times ultimately depend on rotations. Our human body seems still. Yet all the particles, that compose it, do spin very, very quickly. As the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance shows, our body’s health depends on the orientation of its nuclear spins. These and many other facts suggest the existence of a universal rotational field that permeates “empty” space and it is able to operate at many different scales, in and out every body. It could be what ancient philosophers named as ether, probably coinciding with the massive dark energy, which is winning gravitational attraction.

Some physicists suspect that gravity is not a fundamental force of nature; they re-propose the existence of the dynamic ether, able to explain the instant coherence of “distant” motions and the infinite kinetic energies of all the particles/bodies. Many facts actually show that the dynamic ether is permeating the innermost recesses of all matter and that without it the universe is contrary to nature, to reason and experimental evidences too. Maurice Allais had reported a famous one in 1954. In a marathon experiment, Allais released a Foucault pendulum every 14 minutes – for 30 days and nights – without missing a data point at his Paris laboratory. This energetic show of human endurance happened to overlap with the 1954 solar eclipse. During the eclipse, the pendulum took an unexpected turn, changing its angle of rotation by 13.5 degrees. (Jean Bernard Leon Foucault had demonstrated, that a pendulum can track the rotation of the Earth). The abrupt turn, observed in that case, was a sort of back clock, i.e. a time reversal. Contrary to common beliefs a Time Reversal Mirror (TRM) is not just Alice’s Wonderland; it is a technique used for decades in the optical domain, and used in the ultrasonic one at present. Not only; time reversal is also our natural human ability to formulate and carry out projects. Our common problem is that “education” has nailed our lower mind to the spacetime cross, i.e. a four dimensional spacetime.

The dynamic aether is multi dimensional, able to generate all the rotations, backward and forward in time, hence to feed itself and also donate infinite energies. We are actually swimming within an infinitely dense sea of energy.

This shows that the millennia-old scarcity syndrome is mainly due to our false beliefs in a “knowledge” that ignores its existence.

Men often choose masculine terms. What they call “ether” might coincide with the Mother Substance to which many sages have sung praises. “She” is the eternal goddess, the dynamic “vacuum” generating all the rotations, clockwise and anticlockwise. Observing spacetime in peculiar frequencies (microwaves) French scientists have shown that it behaves like a hall of mirrors that reflect infinite images of one same body, and make the universe appear much larger that it actually is.[2] Did NASA discovered new Earth-like planets? They could be various, different holograms, reflecting the Earth. And what about the moon? Our “natural” satellite could be a larger and distant image, a holographic reflection of a much smaller and closer, artificial satellite. I described all these possibilities in my books.

[1] Many experiments show that the speed of light can vary.

[2] Jean-Pierre Luminet and his co-workers have demonstrated it mathematically.

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