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Città della Pieve – October, 19-21 2018 – Scientists for Peace

Hall of Culture in Città della Pieve, Italy

Comunità di Etica Vivente 

III International Conference

Abstract by Giuliana Conforto

A new wind is blowing in the solar system

It is the solar wind, plasma that escapes from the Sun’s surface and touches the Earth’s one at 3:30 in the night when our hormonal secretion occurs. It is the daily evidence of our individual, physical and physiological link with the solar wind.

What are the main causes of wars?

First our collective ignorance of the moving Cosmic Web, that joins everything and is more and more evident to scientific research; second our collective ignorance of the huge “dark energy” that challenges all the limits of energy and, third, a dominant “knowledge” that ignores what Life is.

One Intelligent Force moves everything, us humans and infinite intelligent universes. We might “see” them within if we opened our Third Eye or Ear, i.e. our pineal gland. This is no longer philosophy and not even science fiction.

Our pineal gland is a white hole, potentially linked to all the other black and white holes by the Force that physicists call “electroweak” if we were able to use It. This Force is the basis of the Standard Model that has been repeatedly tested and physicists… dislike, since It challenges their previous beliefs, such as the presumed “universality” of gravity.

Therefore we face the main choice, whether to be or not to be linked with this Force that undermines our previous beliefs in separation, hence their stupid and tragic conflicts.

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Three days of full immersion in debates and exchanges, hosted in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, its “green heart”, Umbria. Scientists, engineers, medical doctors, economists and educators of international renown, recognized for their commitment for common good, have been invited to give the possible answers to the following questions.


What are the causes of war and how can we avoid them?
How can scientists and engineers contribute to peace?
How can ethics in science and engineering make the war impracticable?
How to avoid the utilitarian commercialization of science and medicine?
How is ethics in scientific research related to academic freedom?
Why is the change of view of our world so urgent today?
Which economy can work for a peaceful future of humanity?
What is the role of science in the progress of social welfare?

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