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The heresy of Giordano Bruno and the Eternity of Humankind

The 1st edition of this book was published by Edizioni Noesis in July 2015. The 2nd edition is published by its author, Giuliana Conforto, in October 2016.  Its synthesis might be seen in the video Organic Universe and Human Evolution 


“The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible”, said Einstein. According to Giordano Bruno such a thing is the evidence of our human role, our direct participation in One eternal Universe that is composed of endless intelligent worlds.

Astrophysicists have never observed them, but they have admitted their own blindness; through all their instruments scientists can only observe 5 per cent of the whole mass they themselves calculate, hence quite a minimal portion that shows abrupt changes in our days. These are probably due to the “Substance”, as Bruno announced, maybe the dark energy that springs from vacuum and affects everything, heaven, earth and our human bodies too. Geophysicists observe phenomena they are not able to explain with the known physical laws; by exploring the Earth’s interior through seismic propagation, they have provided evidence of several inner layers, which move independently from each other and could all be free from gravity, with the exception of the thin biosphere, the world in which we are imbedded, live and… suffer.

Here the terrestrial Garden flourishes with its abundant fertility and luxuriant vegetation, animals and humans, all fruits of one seed or genetic code. Our Garden has appeared as the only living world up to now, dominated by humankind that is hardworking, creative and so “intelligent” as… to slaughter each other.

Is there any deception, as many people suggest? A “knowledge” without self-conscience, as Giordano Bruno affirmed four centuries ago and we might confirm at present. Despite the many progresses made, we know little of what’s above our heads and underneath our feet; we still know very little of the atomic nuclei that make up the entire biosphere, soil and atmosphere, oceans, mountains and valleys and all living things, human bodies included. The atomic nuclei hide an unsolved mystery of physics: their confinement.

Atomic nuclei actually are too tiny to be observed in peaceful ways; physicists bombard them with high energies but in so doing they alter them. Despite their microscopic size, nuclei are not negligible at all, as they confine 99.99 per cent of any body’s mass. Nuclear bombs have shown their disruptive power and so most people fear nuclear energies, forgetting these are into their own bodies. Nuclear motions or spins are linked to the health of our body as NMR diagnosis now shows and as hermetic wisdom has always witnessed. Yet collective imagination either disregards or considers atomic nuclei as very tiny balls, chaotically dispersed in space and all dependent on one single time.

Thus a main deception is a “knowledge” that is based on space, time and matter and it is ultimately ignoring what space, time and matter are. Most disciplines, finances, politics, history and economics believe that everything must be calculated as a function of one linear time, an immutable arrow that only flows from past to present.

Life always regenerates itself. Human conscience has produced art and poetry, music and beauty, proved our human creative talents through all the ages. Yet these have been relied on the power of a few over many, on an unequal distribution of wealth. What if this millennia-old injustice were linked to our ignorance of main concepts such as matter, space and time, i.e. the foundations of what we call “knowledge”? If it were so, we should admit we are victims and also co-authors of a collective deception!

Now everything is changing at increasing rates, from the large universe to the small nuclei. Besides the Earth’s surface, climate change also involves the “empty” space that permeates everything, all the atoms that compose our terrestrial Garden, i.e. biosphere, and also the celestial space into which the sun and all the planets seem to float. New energies emerge from “vacuum fluctuations” that scientists can measure but not manipulate. This is evident since 1948 in the Casimir effect that is active at the nano scales, the same ones as the cells’ nuclei. Our cells might have always used these vacuum energies with respect and without manipulating it.[1]

Abrupt instabilities are upsetting Earth’s gravity and magnetism, our global economy and even the separation of light from darkness that God would would have made. Is this the end of the world? No, it is the beginning of the human collective awakening that sages like Giordano Bruno have predicted.

World politics look for a financial stability, without finding it; they usually change the leaders, i.e. the main actors, who follow the usual script though: unsolved problems, broken promises and enemies to fight, dangers to be avoided, unfair laws, corruption, drug etc. Whereas public and political conflicts increase at many different levels, some humans change the inner attitudes of their minds, so changing the outer aspect of their lives. People’s self-consciousness and natural ethics also emerge, pushing them to overcome borders and meet different customs. More and more humans look for friendship and reciprocal respect, joy and transparency, feel the need for a thorough examination of the foundations of our “civilization”.

We are imbedded into a shadowy reality, says Giordano Bruno.

This concept goes back to Plato (428-348 BC). Men are inside a cave, slaves of ideas that last longer than their individual lives, so as to be mistaken for eternal gods. During Renaissance Giordano Bruno takes up the platonic thesis and introduces an important innovation. Man is capable of freeing himself from his own slavery by checking the soundness of those leading ideas that are actually a sort of never tested worships. We, human beings are able to recognize the shadows of the ideas projected on the walls of the cave. It may sound like some sort of philosophy, seems an abstract philosophy, useless to achieve the deliverance that so many people nowadays seek. Yet, if we look at the main reason of the confusion – the babel of languages – we can recognize that these terms, shadows of the ideas and cave walls, amount to phenomena we have been watching for millennia, the same ones that now are surprisingly changing at increasing speeds.

The instant coherence of the motions of galaxies, million light years “away”, wipes out our ordinary idea of space (shown on the cover of this book). The long stability of organic molecules, such as DNA and their ability to reproduce themselves challenge our our commonplace understanding of time. The feeling of being victims of a huge deception is becoming widespread, but just a few people realize that it ultimately depends on an “upbringing” based on the illusory and ostensible “objectivity” of space and time.

To rely on the categories of space and time is obvious foolishness, said Bruno. It promotes the idea of a universe from which man, its “sole” observer, has been expelled. Space Sciences now seek alien civilizations, but they don’t find them. And not casually since they just observe the “shadows”, as Bruno would say.

His language is incomprehensible to the minds accustomed to contemporary science. Yet penetrating Bruno’s narration, we can recognize that the shadows are what physics calls photons, i.e. the messengers of the electromagnetic field. From the sunlight that illuminates us during the day to TV, Internet, tablets, phones that are also prevalent at night, this field dominates human communications. Yet it is just a means that dazzles our eyes, makes our minds to just focus on the observable effects and to neglect their causes.

So we do not suspect that causes can be independent from the electromagnetic forces that is just one of the four universal forces.[2]
Just observing its messengers, the photons that only interact with ordinary matter (5%), Space Sciences ignore that dark matter is five times more preponderant (27%) as ordinary matter. Nobody can rule out that dark matter could form intelligent worlds or universes, coexisting with the observable one (5%). Although we, humans, cannot observe them through space probes, we might feel them as concepts, ideas or “canons” as Bruno said, thus proving that our brains also have “dark” means of communication, abilities that our artificial satellites lack.

As a matter of fact, biologists and neuroscientists have recently recognized that our human brains/bodies interact with dark matter and dark energy.


Thus no separation of light from darkness actually exist.

Astrophysicists persevere it, just observing the electromagnetic light and believing that only ordinary matter (5%) can compose living intelligent worlds. This is another, never tested belief.

What is Life? One only Force links and makes infinite worlds alive, said Giordano Bruno. As we shall see, this Force can coincide with the one physicists call “electroweak”, the synthesis of two previously known forces, electromagnetic and weak. Just observing the former one, astrophycisists “forget” that distances between Earth and other celestial bodies critically depend on the structure of “vacuum”. If “vacuum” is full of dark energy, neither homogeneous nor isotropic as the Copernican Principle presumes, space distances are subjective categories and not objective realities.[3] As I reported in my book Baby Sun Revelation, a French team has shown that the Universe observed in microwave is smaller than that observed in optical frequencies, due to space folding back on itself in bizarre ways. What appears as “empty” space is like a hall of mirrors; with its wraparound effect it produces multiple images of everything.

Are there billions of stars and galaxies? No, billions of different images of a few, much smaller bodies, 3D images producing a giant optical illusion that Copernican astronomy pretends to ignore.[4]

The millennia-old idea that men are sinners, banned from Paradise and compelled to expiate for their faults, has been exasperated by the apparent “loneliness” of our planet and, mainly, by our belief in its limited resources. Yet energy limits are false, as peaceful nuclear phenomena show.[5] Believing in limits we defend our goods from the “enemies”, hence we buy and use weapons to offend them. Is the “crisis” an economic one? It is mainly due to a culture that is based on the struggle between good and evil. Humans as sinners and debtors no longer are convenient to global market that mainly requires good consumers and voters. Governments make reforms that do not change the unequal distribution of wealth. The three monotheistic religions, descending from the Bible, have always fought the “infidels”, blessed the armies, provoked massacres and persecutions for millennia. They now look for dialogue and meetings. The Catholic Church changes pope and also the key-notes of “god”, promotes world peace, reconciliation and even ecology. Well, we are happy with this change of course, but it is a further proof that “god” is just an invention of the ones who pretend to represent “him” so as to lead the flock of believers. If you listen carefully to their words, you can realize that these are always based on the struggle between good and evil, useful to allow them be the main arbiters of world politics. Why should “god” require representatives, such as religions? “God” would have created an entire universe, countless planets, billions of stars and galaxies and, only on Earth, all the living species, including the human one. Hasn’t “god” his own means of communication with his creation?

Man is divine, says our heretic who practises an ancient method of knowledge, the Art of Memory. This implies our human ability to pay attention to the eternal Memory – the genetic one – and so realize that it is quite different from the biblical, historic and/or scientific ones. These are taught at school and based upon beliefs that current natural events are disproving. We do not want to process human history. We only want to avoid repeating the same mistakes as the past. We can so recognize that the basis of that tragicomedy, the human history is, is a partial and biased communication, useful to the slavery of mankind. It is a “knowledge” that ignores the meaning of life and the existence of a human natural ethics; it has highlighted any division, man and god, orthodoxy and heresy, permitted and prohibited. The instant coherence of galaxies’ motions – which may be surprising to the reader – shows a cosmic oneness instead, evidently contrasting the division that governments, churches and space agencies continue to promote. The common conception of the universe, seen as fascinating yet distant, has also favoured the division of the Earth’s surface in several states, all armed to “defend” themselves from outer “enemies”, making the most profitable business of this planet that of weapons.

Human history has become a huge chaos of miseries and tragedies that suppress human dignity and only have one purpose, production. Thus we miss the main goal of life, evolution.

Many live in automatic ways. Few and ever more are fed up with their roles and sterile debates, they suspect that the real reality is neither what our eyes can see nor what Space Sciences show. Thanks to these though, we can identify the cave and even its walls, realize that these are not just myths but the practical effects of the temporal prison into which humankind has been confined for millennia. The evidence of this imprisonment has rarely appeared on the historical scene and often thrown out of this scene with exemplary sentences and the oblivion of the main reason that had caused them. It is the audacity to challenge the temporal power that has taken office on the Earth’s surface. Shown it during Renaissance, Bruno has announced the rebirth of those humans who finally use their own Higher Mind. This is able to realize that the visible universe (5% of the whole mass) actually is a virtual reality, a matrix, in which we participate as main actors and co-authors, not just as helpless and miserable spectators. Bruno describes a friendly Universe, witnesses the perennial presence of the Genetic Memory and its wondrous plan: the evolution of the human mind, the actual and practical process we are going through.

Meanwhile governments impose taxes and pretend to solve all the problems through money, the people demand justice and transparency, distrust a power that feeds on false values and the media that promotes them. Banned from churches and academies and relegated to science fiction, the infinite intelligent worlds are not just phantasies; they are calculated and mirrored in our infinite ways of communication. Is it philosophy? No, it’s consciousness, the ability to penetrate the “sublime folds of Nature”, to realize that “empty” space actually is wrapped and multidimensional, not just 3D.. We can further realize that apparent reality is an optical illusion from which we can free ourselves, just respecting our feelings. Among the greatest geniuses of history, Bruno is much applauded, but poorly understood and often misinterpreted. The infinite intelligent worlds cannot be observed because they do not leave “shadows”, traces of their existence, i.e. photons. These have no interactions with the electromagnetic field, simply because they are composed of dark matter that does not interact with this illusory light.

There is another Light, writes the heretic Bruno in tune with the Gospels.

Artists and musicians, poets and sages sing it since time immemorial. Bruno uses it to penetrate the sublime folds of Nature and shows the path to be free from our sad role of being helpless spectator. Leave the shadows, abandon your belief in an “objective” reality, i.e. your dependence on a “knowledge” that prevents you from expressing talents and creativity, your love for authentic research.

The other Light can coincide with the other side of the electroweak force, the one that physicists call “weak” and of which they describe the peculiar qualities, so distinguishing it from the other three gravitational, electromagnetic and strong nuclear forces. The “weak” is the only one that has mass, it is able to interact with various kinds of both matter and antimatter, able to provoke expansion and to win attraction. It is also the only force that seems to prefer left-rotations.

“I cannot believe that God prefers the left hand to the right one”, said Einstein when this fact became evident in a famous experiment.[6] Bruno would not have been surprised. The other Light is in this world but it is not from this world. If this world mainly turns left, another one can mainly turn right and, on the whole, the Infinite Universe preserves parity between clockwise motions and the counter clockwise ones.

All the double movements self-feed, without any need for fuels.

So we do not lack energy! No, we lack willingness to recognize the intelligence of the Universe and our crucial role as believers. As long as we trust energy limits and “objective” values such as dollar, euro or yuan, we “create” them and make ourselves slaves of a virtual reality, ultimately chained to what Bruno called “the tyrant”. It is linear time from which the temporal power or rather prison emerges. Useful for the profits of a few and the debts of the many, for a crisis that is not caused by the people, but that falls on their shoulders, the tyrant is also used in order to enhance the memories of the winners and to delete the ones of the losers, to make people believe in theories and theologies that both ignore what Life is.

Man is divine, and time is an illusion, says Bruno.

Linear time is a Judaic-Christian concept, based on the Bible. Ancient civilizations used cyclic time, recognized the composition of different rhythms that diverge and/or converge in moments of ecstasy and great harmony. Like a music that accompanies events and rejoices people, cyclical time was uniting heaven and earth, the rhythms of the seasons and agriculture. Nowadays linear time conducts a tragicomedy performed on a special “theatre”, the Earth’s surface; it grinds actions and tears emotions, imposes debts and makes our life a continuous race against time, i.e. against itself.

What is time? Nobody knows, but all the people believe that time proceeds with one only rhythm, the same that is valid for the stars in the sky, wages, debts and taxes on our beautiful Garden, or thin biosphere. Here we mark boundaries and rules, believe in its arrow that inexorably leads each of us towards the “end”. In one of his poems Bruno writes that, after his death, he will realize that there is no tyranny and there is the continuity of consciousness after death instead. Bruno also indicates where the secret of our human immortality is hidden: inside the matter composed of atoms. It is a secret that physicists cannot discover as long as their interpretations are all linked to one linear time and not looking for its causes.[7]

People are aware that the enemies, against which governments had made them fight in terrible wars, have similar problems to their owns, might overcome the artificial divides and become friends. The fears, that had divided them, are vanishing, along with what sciences did not expect: the so far observed asymmetry matter antimatter. Scientists are actually observing an increasing presence of antimatter and nuclear phenomena that produce it. These are gamma flashes observed everywhere in the universe, and in our atmosphere too. Terrestrial gamma flashes (TGFs) are brief bursts of energetic gamma rays, dark lightnings that regularly precede the bright ones in our atmosphere. Considering their huge energies, terrestrial gamma flashes upset the idea of a planet with limited resources, fragile and far from its primary source of energy, the sun. They also challenge the usual belief that the Earth is an insignificant planet.

“Only one Sun enlightens and makes infinite worlds alive”, says Bruno.Cristallo

As I wrote in my main book [8] the one Sun is the Earth’s Crystalline Core, one single Crystal able to compose a wondrous opera, a set of movements that propagate through any medium, even “vacuum” so as to instantly reach everything. We need to look into the sublime folds of Nature and pay attention at the many recent, astonishing discoveries.Geophysicist might have found the eternal Source of Life. It is the double movement, clockwise and counter clockwise that involves the Earth’s Crystalline Core and the inner innermost Core. With their opposite motions, the two cores compose the Prime Motor, as many sages have called it. Mainstream “knowledge” ignores its existence, it relegates the origins of the universe to a mysterious Big Bang and the production of energy to the hot nuclear fusion in the stars’ cores.

The language of stars is Music and Song, our great sage sustains, adding that it doesn’t just involve “counts”. The universal language is not made of mathematical accounts reserved to a few specialists; it is music everyone can love, music that composes many different times and also arouses emotions and sensations.

Music will save the world, many people say. Music shows the key-role of combinations, i.e. the intelligent compositions of times or rhythms.

When death will strike with its scythe, I will realize that you are neither good nor bad, writes Bruno, addressing to time. It is not the tyrant, who makes slaves. It is the creed of the slaves that preserves a tyranny. There is not one single time in nature; its cult is the true “original sin” of an artificial culture that has dominated the known history for about five to six millennia. To err is human, but to persevere is diabolical. Mainstream “knowledge” makes us believe in the linearity of time, the vacuity of space and the solidity of matter. These usual ideas of space, time and matter are the shaky pillars of a mechanistic mind the two scientific revolutions of the last century, relativity and quantum physics have disproven.

Four centuries before, with a rigorous and discerning mind, Bruno makes their synthesis that physics cannot do yet. Scientists haven’t actually solved the main mystery. It is the observers’ consciousness that also involves feelings and emotions, intuitions and insights, strictly necessary for any creativity, even scientific developments. We can now recognize events that confirm the heresies and free us from our orthodox, never tested beliefs. Is time linked to debts, huge profits for a few, meagre wages and misery for many? Nature regenerates without money and with low energies. We should separate the wheat from the chaff, i.e. distinguish what is alive from what is placed on the pedestal of an “eternal reality”. Man is center, Bruno affirms; he is the observer whose conscience gives reality to what is observed, quantum physics confirms. This branch of physics has produced successful technologies, but it has not realized the meaning of consciousness.

Man also has a Higher Mind, wrote Bruno.

Neurosciences have recently shown that our brain’s white matter, the most conspicuous portion of our brain, uses a dark energy. Contrary to our brain’s grey matter, that mainly uses electromagnetic signals, white matter can permeate “vacuum” and contact everything beyond spacetime. Our white matter can realize that the shadows – the optical images of the celestial bodies – compose an apparently “empty” reality, a 3D movie, and not the real one, as our grey matter believes. This is our robotic lower mind, nailed to spacetime and “educated” to trust what any power promotes. It is dualism, the fruit of that tree of knowledge that is our nervous system. Dualism, or bipolarity, is the effect of a “knowledge” that ignores the existence of the third way. This is neither a compromise nor an impossible balance between two opposite, centripetal and centrifugal, forces as many believe. The third way allows us to get rid of the sterile, perennial struggle between good and evil. If eternal Life is the electroweak force, that is the unity of the two, electromagnetic and weak, forces, an unexpected trinity emerges and shows the third way, the other Light, the moving Message that is fully independent from all the apparent dualities.

“Oh Love that has mass and doesn’t make counts…”

The neutral weak Light is unpredictable and lightning like human eros. Religions have controlled it and scientists treat this Light statistically as well as sociology does with human events.[9] Biology knows that life processes can be very, very fast and are mostly left-handed, like the weak field. Many clues suggest that the neutral weak Light can coincide with universal Love. Yet in order to recognize this coincidence we have to admit what mainstream “knowledge” has forbidden, ridiculed or called “heresy”.

It is the Loving Intelligence of the Universe. If the Universe is an Intelligent Organic Being, we humans could be Its “intelligent cells”, potentially able to feel its “weak”, Genetic Message. This transmits forms and functions to every single “cell” and organizes all of them in hierarchical levels, linked to abilities and responsibilities, not to privileges. The Message is the basis of an organic society in which what is good for one is good for all.

The Earth’s magnetic field is fading so quickly as it could flip within a human lifetime and so leave our planet “unprotected” from the “bombardment” of cosmic rays, as conventional scientists say. As I show in my video Human Infinite Universe, cosmic rays contribute to cloud formation, hence to the water cycle that is crucial for life on the Earth’s surface. Cosmic rays are beneficial and not dangerous. Recognizing the mirroring structure of what our eyes have so far considered as “vacuum”, we can finally realize the moving oneness of the Universe. Thanks to the unprecedented events we are observing and that sages have announced, the Force is awakening, i.e. increasing Its intensity and favouring the organic alchemy, allowing each of us to evolve, to finally use all of our brain’s potentials and to contribute to the coming of a New Renaissance.

So we can also explain why we have observed far more matter than antimatter in the universe (5%) and we are observing an abrupt increase of antimatter at present. Simply because, we have just used our lower mind that tenauciouly trusts dualism, and ignores that we have been imbedded into a “cave” that is dissolving…

[1] One is the Casimir effect, recognized in 1948 and active at the nano scales.
[2] These four are gravitational, electromagnetic, weak and strong nuclear interactions
[3] This is what Leibniz and Hegel have also claimed, just to mention a few.
[4] Copernican astronomy is based on the Copernican principle, assuming that space is homogeneous and isotropic, a never fully tested belief.
[5] See further below gamma flashes and, mainly, terrestrial gamma flashes.
[6] Madame Wu conducted it in 1950; she was able to show the parity violation of the weak force. She was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1957 for that discovery.
[7] The causes of time are the speeds of rotation of atomic nuclei, i.e. their angular momenta, which can change if the nuclei interact with the Other Light (the weak neutral current)
[8] Baby Sun Revelation (in Italian) Petit Soleil (in French) Das Sonnenkind (in German) and Revelaţia Soarelui Interior (in Romanian)
[9] The weak neutral Light is the massive current carried by the neutral Z bosons, which cooperate with the two charged W+ and W- ones. The three (W+, Z, W-) bosons