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London, 23-25 August 2013 – The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution

 The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution is an annual event, presenting a journey for all of the participants that attend. Imagine a TED Conference crossed with an interview with a yogi and it gives you an idea what to expect. Over three days, you will hear talks and lectures from some of the greatest teachers alive, each bringing a new understanding of human potential, possibilities for the development of Your consciousness and the future for global humanity, each talk working together to make the whole three days a view into a greater paradigm of being!

Giuliana Conforto’s

I am Giuliana Conforto and I was born in Rome, Italy. I have studied astrophysics and loved astrology, taught quantum mechanics and relativity, always yearned for a peaceful, radical renewal of the world. The Way is Life, the Force physicists have called Electroweak, the only one that links and moves infinite universes. Its “light side” is the “weak” force, the universal nuclear MUSIC, able to heal everything. Paying attention to Its effects, I and other people saw Its SOURCE. It is the Earth’s inner SUN or Core, the Author of the wondrous OPERA that is universal LIFE, not just a vision, but what geophysicists might confirm with their discoveries, as I wrote in my latest book, Baby Sun Revelation. In December 2012, I realized that a new Act of the Opera has begun. This is changing the whole solar system and human minds too at accelerated rates; it is cancelling the two plasma screens (Van Allen belts) that surround the Earth’s surface, making us realize that the observed universe is a matrix, a channel of a holographic TV, that is quickly changing. Through a beneficial, cold nuclear fusion we can achieve self-consciousness, hence create an organic society, able to link individual freedom and collective harmony. We are living the Rebirth of Humanity

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