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The Dance of Life

Image of the Voylnich Manuscript (15th century) shows a human face in the center of the Earth.

The Dance is invisible but sensitive and moves the plasma that makes up the embryonic Earth and also that plasma that circulates in our human body, our blood. The Dance has fast, variable, and changeable rhythms, is moved by the Music that we cannot hear with our ears, nor can instruments record. Yet most peoples have all over the world have felt it as friendship and brotherhood, yearning for joy and prosperity, oneness.

The Author of the unheard Music can be “the mobile crystalline sky” that Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) describea as Paradise in his Divine Comedy. It is not an ingenuity of the great poet, as it is believed. There is a large and mobile Crystal in the center of the Earth that moves independently from the rest of the planet, as geophysicists discovered in 1995, analyzing the propagation of earthquakes that pass through it. Then in 2014 other studies revealed that the Crystal can be the largest reserve of Carbon, a single Diamond that, like all crystals, can composeand emit musical sheets. These are so real as to be printed in the genetic codes or DNAs.

Is the Earth’s Crystalline Core the “mythical” Source of Life? 

The Crystalline Heart of the Earth is perhaps the largest Carbon reserve. © JPL / NASA

It is possible, because Carbon is the first chemical element that makes up organisms, with Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Yes, because all crystals emit music and the great Crystal at the center of the Earth can emit the Great Work, loved and perceived by the wise men of all ages. Your musical notes can be the massive messengers that physicists now observe and call Z bosons. These bosons animate, can generate the invisible but real dance of the large organic molecules that make up all living organisms, human ones included.

Physicists call the individual pirouettes “nuclear spins” and the collective motions “angular moments”. Physicists do not communicate with medical doctors who use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as a diagnosis. The media report that the Earths’ crystalline heart is composed of iron. Communication is missing because of the different names, gives by different disciplines, which ignore the functions.

Anyway this universal Dance links individual freedom and collective harmony.

Physicists call the single pirouettes “nuclear spins” and the collective rotations “angular moments”. Yet medical doctors, who use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as a diagnosis, ignore the crucial importance of their mutual coherence. Media report that the Earth’s Crystalline Core is composed of iron; it can be the largest Carbon reserve instead. Our huge problem is the lack of communication among the different disciplines. However, the Dance occurs in every living body, connects individual freedom and collective harmony; it moves all the combinations of six types of quarks and six types of antiquarks, as the Standard Model of physics shows.

Curiously these nuclear particles an antiparticles are as many as the apostles around Jesus; they might show the natural religion loved by the wise, be the manifestation of the natural ethics that people have demonstrated on various occasions, without any need for imposed morals.

Detail of a medieval fresco, present in the complex of the Santissimi Quattro Coronati, in Rome, Italy.

The Earth’s Crystalline Core can be the Way that joins us, humans, to the One living Organism.

What is Life? The Intelligent Force that animates all the living beings. It is not a myth, nor just science fiction. The Force was first observed in 1983 at the CERN Laboratories in Geneva and proposed by three physicists – A. Salam, S. L. Glashow, S. Weinberg – who for this won the Nobel prize in 1979.

The light side of the Force the nuclear Light, carried by the neutral bosons Z – can coincide with “the only Force, Love, which moves and binds infinite intelligent worlds”, as Giordano Bruno sustained (1548-1600). In today’s terms parallel universes that manifest themselves with unprecedented natural events.

Bamberg Apocalypse painting, 11th century manuscript preserved in the Bamberg Library (Germany)

The observed universe accelerates its expansion.

Earth’s gravity is changing.

The rotation of the Earth’s surface is slowing down.

Antimatter appears in our atmosphere.

Water is revealing its many wonders.

The intensity of the geomagnetic field is fading.

We lose our productive shield, sustain media, accustomed to spreading panic.

It is the Apocalypse, not the end of the world…

It is the Revelation that we have just observed a 4D Holographic Film and so believed that we are alone and abandoned, forced to work with the sweat of the forehead due to gravity.

Natural events show that gravity is not a fundamental, universal force, but an emergent force that critically depends… on our human fear.


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