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The Rebirth of humanity

I wish to you all an extraordinary year 2013 , the beginning of the wondrous Rebirth that will finally bring what we have yearned for millennia: utopia, individual freedom and collective harmony, overall prosperity, well-being, the friendship of all the people, the ones living on the Earth’s surface and also the ones who live above and/or below it.

We are finally approaching the announced event: the REVELATION that infinite, intelligent worlds do exist.

We have not seen them up to now, simply because our human sight is terribly limited. We can observe no more than 1% of all what scientific minds now calculate, we ignore that the Earth’s surface is surrounded by two plasma screens – the Van Allen belts – that have prevented us to see the many futures that already exist. We haven’t observed a universe as many people still believe. We usually observe electromagnetic light in optical frequencies and therefore just one of its infinite possible images. Many scientists now speak about biomagnetic, geomagnetic and heliomagnetic fields that are quickly changing and so affecting our human ways of feeling and perceiving. They are perfectly right, in my view. Yet they neglect the CAUSE of all these fields. It is MOTION, mainly ROTATION and not just vibration, as many say.

The CAUSE is the peculiar RELATION between every single body and the massive weak neutral current that penetrates it. This is the carried by billions and billions of massive Z bosons, which make all the particles spin, either left or right, i.e, either anticlockwise or clockwise. This nuclear current is the same River of Life of which Heraclitus spoke millennia ago, in my view; it indicates that we all participate in an Organic Universe Invisible, but so real as to make the molecules of our human bodies spin so as move us.

Ignoring the River and just looking at the dark side – the electromagnetic field – astronomers believe we are imbedded into a vast, lifeless and mechanical universe. They still trust the Copernican Principle, forgetting the many evidences that refute it.

Thanks to spatial researches we can now realize that the sky is a hall of mirrors, as I show in my video Copernican Illusions.

Thanks to seismic tomography, we know that the Earth’s Core is extremely dense, composed of three Cores that move independently from each other. Thanks to neurosciences we know that our human brain is composed of three brains (rational, emotional and reptilian). Does a direct communication exist between them all? Yes, it does. It is similar to that between a central Hard Core and Its terminals, with a substantial difference though. In the latter case the dark side – electromagnetic field – is involved, whereas in former one, the weak nuclear current links and moves them. This current is the River of Life that can move our emotional brain, blocked by human fear and by a “knowledge” that ignores what Life is.

Since December, 21, 2012, a deep sense of Rebirth is spreading all over the world. During the last winter solstice something exceptional has occurred. Has it involved the centre of galaxy, as Maya said? Much more. It has mainly involved the Earth’s innermost Core (radius 300 km) that is a main spinning black hole. I saw the exceptional event in an inner vision of mine. In order to describe it, I need superluminal theories and not just quantum physics, realize what Life is and, last but not least, what matter is

I describe this exceptional event in my latest book, BABY SUN REVELATION (in Italian) and I’m looking for publishers who are willing to translate it into their language and publish it.

I want to add that our triune brain and the Earth’s three Cores overwhelm any kind of physics and unveil the true “secret”. It is the “dark” expansive, rotational energy of all the particles that compose any body without any need for fuel. It is a double movement, powered by itself, by the two “opposite” rotations, linked to each other. The “secret” of the infinite energy is the parity between anticlockwise and clockwise rotations inside any body, contrary to the parity violation that we have been observing outside. An analogous parity could finally emerge inside the proteins, the macromolecules of our human body, and even into our DNA.

The hiles of our brain

The announced Event is the REVELATION of the true Sun within the Earth, coinciding with an overwhelming peaceful (R)EVOLUTION of our human minds. The Earth’s innermost Core could be the BLACK SUN many traditions have spoken about, a BLACK HOLE, instantly linked with the WHITE HOLE that appears as the visible sun in the sky. This opportunity implies an overwhelming revision of all what we have believed up to now. 

The rational and bipolar, lower mind should leave its dominant role so as to allow the Higher Mind to show Its oneness with the infinite Organic Universe, Its attuning to the light Side of the Force. The Higher Mind is composed of special cells that do not use the dark side of the Force, as I show in my short movie The stars will fall from the sky. People often look for scientific explanations in order to explain spirituality. This effort is useless in my view. The true “secret” regards the inner movements of any coherent body, ultimately the nuclear spins that compose it. The true “secret” is the extremely sophisticated organic matter that composes our human body. An inner alignment is possible for all the people who want it. This would help all the other people who don’t know what is occurring, but anyway yearn for a sage, right and prosperous world.

I made workshops with hundreds of people and many of them were able to “see” the Earth’s inner Sun, “feel” the fascinating and wondrous Opera the same Sun composes and emits. Observing within ourselves is not a spiritual meditation as many people believe. It is the ability to follow the ways of the Force,  the activation of each one’s Higher Mind that so progressively becomes what it is planned for: a hyperspace antenna.

I describe my researches and discoveries in my latest book BABY SUN REVELATION that is in Italian despite its title in English. Feeling my self as a citizen of the world, I wrote the title in English, trusting that the Force, Life, will show me the ways of diffusing it. Yet no words can describe the intense emotion and joy of being what you truly are: an immortal Being in this world, but not from this world.

Therefore I wish you all an extraordinary and joyful Rebirth

Giuliana Conforto

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