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The wonders of water

Among the many Wonders of Water, its ability to generate magnetic fields – weak and ultra-weak – essential for the health of the human body, general prosperity, and harmony between MAN and the ORGANIC UNIVERSE.
Although “weak” and “ultra-weak” for scientific instruments, magnetic fields can “move the mountains” as the Gospels quote. We just need to translate the ancient terms into the contemporary ones and, above all, understand their human meaning, as suggested by Giordano Bruno (1548-1600). The “mountains” can be the atomic nuclei that make up our bodies; these are very small but so massive as to contain 99% of our body mass. This fact is known as nuclear confinement, observed since the end of the 19th century, a mystery for physicists, neglected by all the other sciences and medicine. Nuclear confinement causes the paralysis of the sub-nuclear particles (quarks and antiquarks) that make up our bodies; it prevents their coherent dance, essential for our health.

Nuclear confinement manifests itself as fear and helplessness, loneliness or isolation, difficulty in getting out of one’s mental cages, basically, common to all.

ESA (European Space Agency) has recognized the existence of a second terrestrial magnetic field, generated by the tides. It is ultra-weak and ultra-fast, capable of undermining the “tyranny” that has dominated all known history. We believe that there is a linear and irreversible arrow of time that only flows from the past to the present, always with the same, fixed rhythm. What is the time? It is not an “object” extraneous to the becoming of Nature.

The time or rather the times are the effects of rotating or cyclical motions, motions related to magnetic fields that operate in large and small, in large celestial motions and in the tiny subnuclear particles that make up our bodies.

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