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(Italiano) Si sta dilatando l'universo, le tempeste solari sono in aumento e la Terra si sta riscaldando a ritmi ultra celeri. La scienza non sa il perché e la politica continua con i soliti giochi... Il rinnovamento reale è possibile e imminente

Cold nuclear fusion and the end of times

Glaciers are melting at accelerated rates on the Earth.
The whole solar system is changing in a few years.
The observed universe is accelerating its own expansion in a few decades

Science doesn’t know their causes. Most people believe that science means certainty. Nobody knows what LIFE is.
Sciences now recognize the very high speed of all the life events, such as orgasm, conception, embryogenesis, cellular regeneration, protein folding or hormonal secretion. Yet sciences don’t challenge the temporal power, their same belief in one linear time. Therefore sciences still lead the belief that linear time should be the base of all calculations, salaries and/or debts, stars’ motions and/or financial speculations.
What is time?
Nobody knows. Yet it is easy: any time depends on the speed of rotation.
Our day depends on the speed of the Earht around Herself, our year on that of the Earth around the sun, our health on the speeds – or spin – of the atomic nuclei, which compose the human body. A well known diagnosis, the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, shows it. These are all different speeds, corresponding to different times, even linked to hormonal secretion, hence to the human being’s humors and psychic attitudes.
Many people believe that  quantum physics might explain spirituality, they follow a US fashion, often ignoring that there are different types of quantum physics. The one, that is routinely used, leaves the same linear time. If we, Europeans, knew our rich cultural heritage, if we did not prostrate to the US empire, we could find the answers to two main questions, what is Life?” and what is time? – and so contribute to the renewal of the whole world, US people included.

 These two questions involve another main question: “what is matter?

Quantum physics has realized that it is not composed of small balls, but nuclear particles are often painted of small, full balls. According to astronomers stars and planets are large, full balls. Most people believe that the solar system is like a giant atom, a set of distant balls, separated by an empty space. Empty space doesn’t exist.

Earth sciences show that our beautiful planet is composed of various shells, which have different speeds of rotation; they also show that the Earth’s Core – about 3300 km radius – is triune, i.e. composed of two hollow spheres – one liquid and another solid –  that surround a small central sphere – about 300 km radius. This latest one rotates towards West, the opposite versus of the solid one that rotates towards East. A similar double rotation can move the atomic nuclei that compose our human bodies, so showing what Life is.

Life is an intelligent, binary language that manifests Itself through opposite – anticlockwise and clockwise – rotations, both generated by an interaction between the atomic nuclei of a body and the weak nuclear current.

Life is now propelling what Christian religions call a “miracle”: the resurrection of the body. It is a natural event instead, a cold nuclear fusion that is occurring everywhere  and involving antimatter too. I describe it in my latest book Baby Sun Revelation (In Italian). In this same book I also investigate why orthodox sciences believe that the hot nuclear fusion in the stars’ nuclei might be the prime source of the universe and so let people believe that we, terrestrials, have limited resources. Simply because scientists pretend to ignore what nuclear particles, quarks, actually are.

They are black and diamond doors Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) wrote.
We can translate his sentence in contemporary, scientific terms.
Nuclear particles – quarks and antiquarks – are spinning black and white holes. Various scientists have proposed this same thesis that academies always refuse and “spiritual masters”seem to ignore. If our nuclei are spinning black holes, we can be instantly linked to the Earth’s triune Core.

This is the PRIME MOTOR that unveils the WAY, through which Life manifests Itself. It is a nuclear double motion that feeds on itself and doesn’t need for any fuel and not even for high temperature.

No energy limits exist.

How did Giordano Bruno and many other sages know it, centuries ago?
Through the ART of Memory that is not spiritual meditation. It is Consciousness, our same brain’s ability to communicate through nuclear motions that we feel as emotions, eros, Love, LIFE.