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Can we win gravity?

Last July the news about start-of-art technologies, able to modify gravity and to allow shifts from one continent to another within a few minutes. The Iranian nuclear engineer Mr Mehran Keshe has designed plasma reactors, which generate their own fields – magnetic and gravitational – and can allow us to win the Earth’s gravity. I have soon visited the website and I have found many analogies with my own research. I don’t know Keshe’s technology, but I appreciate its theoretical basis. I am glad that it demystifies the taboo of gravity – the ‘mystery’ that sciences passe off as solved and that, on the contrary, it is not at all.

In a video Mr Keshe shows the basic principles of his technology and points out the existence of a wormhole – a black hole – at the Earth’s centre. He proposes a conception of matter in agreement with the Standard Model, in my view. In my book, recently translated in French, Petit Soleil, I state that this black hole, within the Earth, is the same one that geophysicists call “inner inner core” – a sphere with a radius of 300 km – in the centre of the Earth’s Crystalline Core. Moreover, I also suggest that this peculiar black hole concides with the SOL INVICTUS, or BLACK SUN, linked to the worship of Mithras, which originated in Persia (Iran) and was widely diffused in the ancient Rome too. The pieces of history fall into place through the Hermetic theses I put forward again: the black hole at the Earth’s centre is linked instantly to the white hole at the Sun’s centre. This implies an astronomic and anthropic revolution, many sages have announced, while orthodox religions and mechanical sciences have hidden for ages.

Hermetic theses are not effects of the scientific method, but evidences of men’s brain abilities, and the higher complexity of all our cells.  Thus it is evidente that human brain is an outstanding hyperspace antenna and the nuclei of our cells are mini wormholes, which link parallel universes as I show in my video: The stars will fall from the sky. During my workshops, many participants and I have ‘seen’ that the Sun in the sky is definitely not the ball of gas depicted by astrophysics. Within the Sun’s core there are neither hundred-million degree temperatures nor hot nuclear fusion. Mr Keshe’s gravitational technology certainly shows realistic perspectives, it is not an unfounded story as some media claim. I wonder which governments will send their representatives to the meetings of September 2012, fixed by the Keshe Foundation. How can they find ‘experts’ available to discuss it? His technology could change the destiny of the world, yet it might be vanished by the usual power play. This is the mis-knowledge of the real reality the same power intentionally fosters, so as to make people ignore their own infinite resources.

As I point out in my book Petit Soleil, and my videos* there is a similarity between the traditional image of the ancient BLACK SUN and the current PARKER SPIRAL that describes the extremely rapid motions of the IMF (Interplanetary Magnetic Field). This is a recently discovered field, which quickly reverses its own North-South polarity and, when it points to South, erases the Earth’s magnetosphere that points to North since thounsands of years.  Their common characteristic is the duality of the motions that shift from anticlockwise to clockwise and viceversa. We now know that its reversal occurs each 2-3 minutes. This “new” field, IMF lets us confirm the event announced by many prophecies, the revelation.

What we, humans, call “sky” is not the real reality, but a 3D, holographic movie, projected on the apple-shaped magnetosphere that sorruounds all of us. Thus eating the apple means mistaking a 3D film, or matrix,  for reality. In the meantime, the ‘good’ governments – among which the Italian one – threaten Iran, the ‘bad’ nation fighting against Israel. All of them, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ones, try to hide the real reality, so as to silence the people’s actual will, peace, prosperity and true justice. These innovative technologies will allow all the people to get rid of the biblical sentence ‘you will work in the sweat of thy brow salt thou eat thy bread’.

Therefore I invite you to spread the news about the Keshe Foundation so that serious researchers will go to its meetings and that such technologies will not be buried by the usual “global power” which shows off the virtual “values”: money, debt, war, etc.

* My most recent videos are: 1_Time and Apple, 2_The shadows of the ideas, 3_The stars will fall from the sky

The motions of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field 
The rapid, alternating motions of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field

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