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 In July 2012 at CERN a great announcement: they have finally discovered the so called “God particle” that is the Higgs boson that confirms the Standard Model. After a long research, huge costs and thousands of people working on it, we are almost sure that the Higgs field – a sort of “creator” able to generate masses – actually exists.

Does it mean that god exists? I like the Standard Model and dislike the term “god”.

“There is no god” wrote Giordano Bruno, burnt at the stake for heresy in 1600 at Rome. I agree. Being a heretic physicist and using the Art of Memory, i.e. developping my cognitive potentials, I have interpreted the Standard Model in an ancient/new perspective that explains humans’ origins and shows that the real reality is an infinite and eternal Organic Universe, as the same Giordano Bruno had already stated.

The observable universe is not the real reality in my view, but just an optical illusion, transmitted by the electromagnetic field, a sort of “god”, since it is the creator of spacetime, strictly linked to the other “god” – the gravitational field – as Einstein has already shown. These two “gods”, or rather fields, are both eternal and linked to a third eternal “god”, the strong nuclear field. The respective messengers – photons, gravitons and gluons – of the three “gods” are all massless.

The Standard Model shows the crucial role of a “fourth” field – the weak nuclear one – that is rarely mentioned and carried by three massive messengers, named W+, W- and Z bosons. The weak nuclear field is quite special for many reasons, as I show in my books; it is unpredictable, extremely unstable, shows a clear preference for left rotations, typical of crystals, organic molecules, planets, galaxies etc, hence it is neither eternal nor a “god”.

In the 80’s the great discovery: the two – electromagnetic and weak nuclear – forces can be described by a single theory, that of the Electroweak Force. It is easy to recognize that the “weak” shares Its same messengers, hence it is what we might call “the light side of the Eloctroweak Force”, whereas the electromagnetic is the “dark side” because it just shows a minimal portion of the mass we calculate. Scientists have subjected the electroweack theory to many experimental tests and verified that it works. However, its basic equations seem to require all particles to be massless. Why do the W+, W- and Z bosons have huge masses and why don’t they respect the scientific theories? There are many possible answers. One is clearly shown in the Star Wars Saga. Using the Force implies a hard training that allows the disciple to feel the true reality, see parallel worlds, including the one of the so called “dead people”. It is what I and most of the participants experience during my workshop as well.

Physicists just use their artificial instruments and mathematics, they do not trust humans’ feelings and therefore they proposed a mechanism that, if added to the equations, would allow particles to have different masses. This is now known as the Higgs mechanism. Integrating it into the Standard Model allowed scientists to make predictions of various quantities, including the mass of the heaviest known particle, the top quark. Experimentalists found this particle just where equations using the Higgs mechanism predicted it should be. The Higgs mechanism works as a medium that exists everywhere and at any time. Particles gain mass by interacting with this medium of which the Higgs boson is the fundamental component, much as the photon is the fundamental component of electromagnetic light.

Ok, welcome Higgs boson. What surprises me is the common, tenaucious interest for particles’ different masses, in contrast with the lack of interest for their respective times. At least this is what most media speak about. The usual images of the Standard Model show four groups of particles: one is composed of the W+, W-, Z bosons that carry the Electroweak Force, able to operate on all the other three groups that are three different kinds of matter (each consisting of four matter particles, two leptons and two quarks for a total of twelve). Yet only one – the so called “normal matter” – is sufficient to explain the observable universe, say physicists. The other two groups are unstable and seem to differ from the “normal” one “only” in their larger mass, as they say. So doing scientific minds neglect the key problem – time – and induce us to believe that only what is stable is real.

As a fact, the one stable and the two unstable groups are all linked to the unstable and unpredictable, weak nuclear force, the light side of the Force.

“A new word is possible” many people say.

“Infinite intelligent worlds already exist” wrote Giordano Bruno in Renaissance, adding that “one only Force, Love, links and gives life to them”

Looking at the Standard Model we can realize that “the only Force” – Love – is the weak nuclear current, carried by the Z bosons. This is so quick as to take account for most life processes, such as eros, orgasm, conception, cellular regeneration, etc. It actually involves extremely high frequencies, much higher than the daily ones that lead our waking state. Human minds are “educated” to believe in one linear time, just one rate of time, and do not suspect that our dreaming and rest states can have other rhythms as they actually have. Ww cannot find Love bombarding a target at high energies, as they do in the laboratories, but just observing our same emotions, feelings. sensations. A new, wider perception is urgently needed.

So believing, humans sustain their own slavery, their dependence on the temporal power. No conflict actually exists among sciences, finances and religions; they are all useful for making us humans dependent on the same “power” that pretends to represent eternal “gods”, and allows all the banks to link money to linear time, hence to an increasing debt.

Do we live in free democracies?

No, we suffer in a global debtcracy, afflicted by the perennial idea of a “scarcity” that doesn’t actually exist. The unstable and unpredictable “weak” nuclear current is the most powerful force of the universal Nature.

“What god has united, man must not divide” is a famous sentence, quoted during any catholic marriage and stressing god’s morbid interest in humans’ sexuality.

Looking at the true Standard Model we can realize that any “division” is just cultural and referred to much more fundamental questions than marriages. One regards masses and times and, another, the existence of antimatter.

The true Standard Model actually implies not only the previously mentioned three kinds of matter, but also three kinds of antimatter, which flow from future to past and involve antigravity. Except the “normal” one we can observe, five groups are unstable, have different times and can even reverse the flow of time. Can these compose invisible universes? Yes, they can, and can also communicate with the “normal” observable one and with each other, through the Electroweak Force. This is the “only Force, Life, that links and moves intelligent worlds” as Bruno wrote. It is Universal Life, according to my heretic interpretation, “unstable” but able to trigger fleeting event, flow from past to future and from future to past, involve Memory and Plan.

The Force implies an Intelligent Design and shows the tenacious interest of the dominant paradigm to deny it.

The Standard Model could help us to realize the oneness of various universes in which we, humans, can participate and with which we can interact at any moment, when we fall in love, we are dreaming, resting and planning a new future.

Even limiting ourselves to its more succesful version, that only considers four groups of particles, we can envisage an interesting analogy with the four ELEMENTS – FIRE, AIR, WATER AND EARTH – that the Greek philosopher Empedocles (490-430 BC) proposed at his time and are still used by astrologers.

Therefore the “discovery” of the Standard Model rather marks a “rediscovery” that sages had made long time ago, probalby realizing what is now evident and neglected: mass is energy and cannot be divided by its proper time. Since different masses exist, also different times must exist.

Orthodox physicists, or rather official media, forget it as well as the fact that any single particle or body is indissolubly linked to its own motions; it has therefore its own proper time and can fulfil actions in the present that are the effects of its memories and plans. Any action is the true quantum varialbe that creates the true reality: eternal present

The key problem of contemporary physics is mass, whereas the true problem of our crazy society is time. If we realized that these two cannot be divided and that the real reality is made of actions, facts and not og words, theories or theologie, svirtual values such as spread, PIL etc, many conflicts would vanish.

Do different times exist? Yes they do, as it is obvious, just looking at our human perception of time or better times.

Many clues and events show that we are approaching the end of times that is the beginning of eternity, the revelation that we are in this world, but not from this world. Each of us can have different bodies, each composed of one kind of matter and/or  antimatter too. According to the hermetic thesis a cosmogony, quite different from the current cosmology, emerges. The seven Elements of the Standard Model are eternally brought into union, and eternally parted from each other. Many features now indicate that they are again brought into union. A new consciousness is actually emerging and an overwhelming new cosmogony could be proved. Practicing the Art of Memory we actually “see” many worlds, clearly consisting of antimatter, therefore, anti gravity. Visiting these “antiworlds”, we “inner travelers” also experience a time reversal.

Media have produced a lot of articles about the Higgs field, but most of them forget the existence of the three kinds of antimatter. Why? Because antimatter poses the millenary problem, “forbidden” by the dominant paradigm: time.

No science knows what time is.

No religion knows what Life is.

Are time and Life linked to each other? Of course they are, simply because Life is the coherence of all the nuclear motions in an organism, the harmony of all its rhythms, a piroetting dance, composed of the individual nuclear spins, as the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) diagnosis even shows.

Scientists’ belief in experimental objectivity is contradicted by their same discoveries.

Most people look for a paradigm shift.

I have been looking for it too and realized that this implies the transit from dualism, mainly the one between subjects and objects, to the unitary parameter or quantum variable that is made of our same human actions, ultimately, our true WILL.

If our actions are coeherent with Life PLAN – humans’ genetic evolution, the full use of our same brain and body – limits and/or eternal “gods” change.

We just need to use our Higher Mind, able to interact with the light side of the Force, the invisible “weak” energy that we can feel. We can always live Its/our fleeting events, such as love, eros, orgasm, emotions, feelings, intuitions, sensations.

Many events show that we will become also free from the eternal “gods” of physics, the gravitational, electromagnetic and strong nuclear fields.

What about the Higgs one? My feeling is that this field is changing too.

A nuclear fusion among particles and antiparticles is actually occurring, showing their union and mainly our human oneness with them all. This implies the revelation that we have been imbedded into a matrix, just one of the infinite possible ones, and this is now tansmuting.

For further details see my book Organic Universe

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