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Mutant Matrix, bifurcation and Human Choices

What's happening? The sudden, rapid changes of the geomagnetic field can be "the trumpets of the Apocalypse", suggesting an imminent bifurcation of the "world system".

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Human Evolution und universal Metamorphosis

The Earth's magnetosphere, similar to an apple, is vanisghing at accelerated rates. It is the revelation that we have been looking at a holographic TV in 4D and mistaking it for "Heaven"

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The Birth of the sixth sense

The belief in limits has never been verified and it is now resoundingly denied. A huge dark energy teems from "vacuum" and

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Organic Universe and Human evolution

Surprising natural events indicate the abrupt evolution of the observed universe. These might imply the Revelation that the observed universe is just a Cosmic Hologram, a matrix.

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Packing for Mars

I had the pleasure to assist at the première of the documentary PACKING FOR MARS in …

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