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Univers organique

(English) The lifeless universe, astronomy has painted, is a holographic 3D movie transmitted by the electromagnetic light in optical frequencies. Another true LIGHT unveils the Organic Universe composed of infinite, intelligent and living worlds: it is the nuclear force that physicists call "weak" and we, humans, can feel as Love, Life, consciousness that a new world is possible and... already exists. We actually live a millenary deception: our human sight. The visible world is an interactive 3D movie, a matrix or virtual reality that hides all the other ones in which we can also participate. Our human eyes cannot see them, but our true "EARS" - our brain hemispheres - can "see" them within. Using them properly we can also feel the sublime intelligence of the moving MESSAGE, the true LIGHT that links each of us to the causal and eternal crystalline universe. Thus a completely new human history emerges...

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Petit Soleil

Le Petit Soleil est le Cœur cristallin de la Terre qui tourne plus vite que le reste de la planète. Il peut être l'Auteur de le grand OPERA - la Musique éternelle - la Vie qui nous anime

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