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Die Wirliche Sonne

Was ist Leben?

(Italiano) E' la Forza che i fisici chiamano "Elettrodebole", sintesi di due forze già note da prima - nucleare debole ed elettromagnetico - simili ai due lati di cui uno è sensibile e l'altro visibile, uno "luminoso" e l'altro "oscuro".

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Der Erde innere Sonne

The Earth's Crystalline Core is one single Crystal, moving faster than the rest of the planet, in the Earth, but ,not of the Earth; It is the Core of the Earth's plasmasphere too. Is it composed of iron as geoscientists sustain? It could be composed of dark energy too, be the Source of Life, the only Force able to expand and overwhelm all the borders and limits.

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(English) ORGANIC Physics is centered on the loving, deep relation between each human being and infinite universes. Its basic thesis regards the meaning of Life: it is the universal Force, LIFE, that links and moves infinite universes, the same one that physicists call "Electroweak".

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