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June, 5-6 2012: THE GATE TO ETERNITY

News from Rome, Italy: more and more people perceive their “dead” who are alive, conscious and willing to share their happiness. On the visible scenery, physical and political tremors occur, electromagnetic and gravitational fields fail, mystery deepens around the Vatican scandals. Are all these events connected? Yes, they are…

20th May 2012: a solar annular eclipse and a strong earthquake hit North Italy, an area considered as seismically safe. In South Italy terrorism kills again and, in Rome, Vatican scandals emerge. Meanwhile the Italian Prime Minister had joined the G8 in Washington and reached an agreement on ‘growth’: of what, of GDP? We all yearn for happiness, everyone’s wellbeing and overall prosperity; we want to express our own talents and don’t want to pay the debts created by the big banks. What is the main cause of the financial crisis that shakes all the governments of the world?

It could be the pillar that has supported any market for millennia: the temporal power. The Vatican has managed it so well as to make people forget that salaries, loans and debts all depend on the arrow of time that leads any being to death. This has meant a life troubled with the anxiety of the future and the need for religions that pretend to “represent” eternity. The fact is that time is not an independent and immutable “arrow” as calendars make us believe: it is instead a special effect of the electromagnetic field that, in its turn, is an effect of gravity, as Einstein has shown. Thus the temporal power has not natural foundation.

Soon after the earthquake, many were looking for its “culprits”, such as the HAARP programme, the US antenna system installed at the North Pole. Yet whatever electromagnetic field has not enough energy to cause earthquakes. HAARP has another fatal function. The Earth’s natural magnetic field is going off so much as to let us see the spaceships, showing that a future has always existed. Thus HAARP creates an artificial magnetic field that hides them and so maintains the temporal power, based on the false belief that only the past is “reality”.

In the Gospels, it is mentioned the “true LIGHT”. Announced by sages like Giordano Bruno, burnt at the stake in Rome (1600), a “new” FORCE was revealed at the end of the last century and awarded by various Nobel prizes. It is the synthesis of two already-known fields: weak nuclear and electromagnetic. Called by a difficult name – electroweak – this FORCE can ‘engender endless, intelligent worlds’, as Bruno had claimed. It involves a nuclear LIGHT having all the features of the true LIGHT that is ‘in this world, but not from this world’, as the Gospels quote: it can be the light side of the FORCE, i.e. the CAUSE that has accelerated the universe’s expansion in a few years.

This nuclear LIGHT can win gravity and even death in a few moments.

“The dead will rise”, as many prophecies sustain. Of course, it is not the powdered corpses coming back to life. It is the use of the FORCE, which allows us to perceive them and so realize that they are alive and sentient. The “dead” have been invisible up to now, simply because their bodies are composed of dark matter that doesn’t reflect the electromagnetic light, the only kind of light our eyes can see. Yet during a dream-like state we can use the light side of the FORCE, the only one able to move infinite universes that sciences calculate and cannot observe. These just observe the dark side – the electromagnetic field – as usual, i.e. the “creator” of spacetime, namely of the optical illusion that both sciences and religions maintain.

Thus we humans suffer from a profound ignorance – the meaning of LIFE. If It is the universal and eternal electroweak FORCE, as I claim, we can realize why all the organisms can perceive It, while the mechanical or artificial instruments cannot. These have no cellular structure, no blood system needed for perceiving and transmitting Its motions that we, humans, can feel as emotions.

Our common, mechanical “education” makes most humans behave like robots and lets them contribute to the “democratic” societies with their own beliefs. They just use their lower mind that is bound to sight, hence to the dark side – the electromagnetic field – of the FORCE. Our lower mind is a small portion of our brain, yet the ruling one; it trusts sciences, religions, parties, ideologies, “spiritualities” and, mainly, the good-evil division. Always looking for enemies outside, our lower mind never wonders about the main “mystery” that makes men slaves of markets: the relation between money and time, a “democratic” convention with no natural foundation.

The light side of the FORCE provides us, humans, with the energy needed to consciously use all of our brain. This also involves a HIGHER MIND, able to use the FORCE and directly interact with eternity. Many actually have dreams and sensation, not limited to spacetime. A great adventure is about to start and the events of these days indicate its main features, in my view.

The first earthquake in North Italy occurred at the same day as the eclipse – the Sun-Moon-Earth alignment. Very few know that, during the eclipses, Earth’s gravity and rotation change. This phenomenon is known as ‘Allais effect’ and was first observed, in 1954, by the French economist Maurice Allais, awarded with the Nobel Prize for economics in 1988. It is another clue that the ‘crisis’ actually concerns humans’ faith in an “objective reality” that doesn’t actually exist. As already known, a coin or a paper money, certified by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is a just a convention. Sciences also have their “money” most people accept without discussing – the mass or its equivalent energy – which are neither objective nor limited. A “new” dark energy is heating the entire universe, so showing that global warming doesn’t depend on the “man made” greenhouse effect. A novel form of cranial energy was recently measured by prof. J. N. Hansen through a torsional pendulum. All these facts indicate that no energy limits exist. So why do most people believe in limits? Because they don’t listen to the truths our HIGHER MIND transmits.

This is the larger portion of our brain, composed of glial cells, which do not use electricity and are not linked to a bipolar view as the lower mind is. Our HIGHER MIND is the seat of consciousness, in a unanimous vision; it is sensitive to emotions, linked to eros and psyche, and supporting our same lower mind. Our HIGHER MIND could conduct the inner harmony of our nervous system, if we were not ‘educated’ to control emotions, to separate them from sexuality and to believe that reality is only what we can see and count. If we pay attention to our inner voice, our same consciousness, we can listen to the universal HARMONY that is increasing Its own intensity so much as more and more people can hear it. What about Its cost? No one.

On June, 5-6, 2012 the Venus-Earth-Sun alignment will take place. It can mark the beginning of our great adventure, A JUMP IN THE FUTURE that changes our ways of conceiving “reality”, hence our actions, relations and, mainly, motions. What kind of motions? Mainly the nuclear spinning ones we can feel as emotions that critically affect the flow of our individual time. The Venus-Earth-Sun conjunction can affect the collective time. We just need to realize that any time is an effect of rotation. The surface of the Earth turns anticlockwise and to us, observers glued to it, everything goes in the opposite direction, that is from past to future. The surface of Venus, instead, turns clockwise and to “Venusians” everything goes from future to past. The alignment of these two planets is a gate to eternity through which we can go, listening to the FORCE we can feel as truth, love, emotion, consciousness that infinite intelligent universes do exist.

According to mythology, Venus is Rome’s divine mother, the goddess of beauty, love and the sexuality, up to now conditioned by the fear of a “god” who had first created and then forbidden it. We can understand that the key of any ‘power’ actually lies in the apparent “separation” eros and psyche, between what we feel – eros – and what our psyche trusts. As the same myth shows such a “separation” ceases, when our human psyche dares to go to the kingdom of the dead.

I want to communicate that here, in Rome, more and more people are realizing that the dead are alive and that all of us, humans, are immortal.

The apparent world is just a vanishing matrix.

The real reality is the Organic Universe, involving infinite universes, all connected with LIFE and disconnected from any kind of marketing.





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