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Città della Pieve -19-21 Ottobre 2018 – Scientists for Peace

Venue: Aula della cultura, Città della Pieve, Italy

Comunità di Etica Vivente 

III International Conference

Three days of full immersion in debates and exchanges, hosted in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, its “green heart”, Umbria. Scientists, engineers, medical doctors, economists and educators of international renown, recognized for their commitment for common good, have been invited to give the possible answers to the following questions.


What are the causes of war and how can we avoid them?
How can scientists and engineers contribute to peace?
How can ethics in science and engineering make the war impracticable?
How to avoid the utilitarian commercialization of science and medicine?
How is ethics in scientific research related to academic freedom?
Why is the change of view of our world so urgent today?
Which economy can work for a peaceful future of humanity?
What is the role of science in the progress of social welfare?

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