If science, that provides many benefits to men, is not willing to catch the human meaning of its own discoveries, it will turn against mankind

Giordano Bruno (1548-1600)

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français and Italiano.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français and Italiano.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

“The language of stars is Music and Song” said Giordano Bruno.

In the old continent, Europe, we are divided by linguistic barriers and, as a paradox, we are united by a common currency that is strictly dependent on the “iniquitous tyrant” as Bruno called it. This is one linear time, which makes debts increase and on which societies and disciplines are all based. What is time?Nobody knows. Does linear time exist? It doesn’t in Nature. (See The fecund conception)

Music is the universal language that composes variable times, or rhythms; it arouses emotions and emphasizes more and more the yearning for the deep world renewal that Bruno had announced. This involves a new kind of communication. Music, song and dance enhance the feeling that has been suppressed. It is people’s friendship

“One only Force, LIFE, makes infinite worlds alive” affirmed Giordano Bruno.

Millions of NDE (Near Death Experiences) confirm what Bruno wrote. “Death is just a dissolving of bonds between the physical body, composed of atoms, and the diaphanous substantial body, composed of true LIGHT.Heaven is real according to our sage and to many people as well, among them myself and a famous US neurosurgeon.

Music and Song can contribute to challenge the “tyrant”one linear time – on which all the people depend. Such a dependence is not natural at all; it is what all the orthodox disciplines - sciences, religions, finances etc. – have promoted. As a paradox nobody is able to say what time is. People might finally realize that such a “tyrant” has never existed: cooperation, friendship, innovation and creativity are all independent from the “tyrant”. 

“Just trusting what is visible in space and time is evident stupidity” said Giordano Bruno who often used poetry in order to express the Natural Magic, hidden in all the things, our human bodies included. Neuroscientists have actually verified that the most conspicuous portion of our brain communicates independently from space and time.

An overwhelming transit is now possible for everybody. A powerful WIND is blowing on the earth’s surface and driving the human minds beyond their old frontiers. Many of us do feel IT, realize “there’s no country, nothing to kill or die for and no religion too”,  as John Lennon sings.

The WIND is consciousness, pushing towards natural ethics, joy and transparency, evidence  that we, the people, have no limits. Even the alleged “energy limits” are due to our false belief in the usual “iniquitous tyrant”. As Bruno affirmed and physics might now confirm. One only FORCE makes every “heart” – any nucleus – beat. It is the one physicists call “weak” and it is instead so powerful as to provoke the WINDS that scientists call “cosmic rays”.

Increasing Its WINDS, the FORCE is transmuting the matter “composed of atoms”, as Bruno says, the same one that composes our brain/bodies. This is the world renewal in which all the humans can participate and so contribute to the new era of peace and friendship. ROMA – the capital that has divided and ruled – can reverse itself in AMOR (Love), be a seat where the people do recognize the universal oneness – or nuclear connection – with all the universes that sciences now calculate and cannot observe.

We, humans, can feel them instead and do witness their existence all together. 

Oh Love that lets me discern the higher truth,
opens the diamond and black doors, 
enables my true Self to enter my eyes; to see He is born,
lives, sustains and has eternal kingdom.

Love shows how much of heaven and hell
is on Earth; it makes apparent images real,
gathers its strength and, aiming straight, 
wounds and imbues the hearth, unveiling the true Self…

 Cause, Principle and eternal One
on which Being, Life and Motions depend,
Love is spread over length, width and depth
as they say, on Earth, heaven and hell…

Giordano Bruno 

(part of Bruno’s poem on Love in his book De la Causa, Principio et Uno, also included in The Heroic Frenzies)

Humans can finally free themselves from their own slavery  

Gingantic hole on the sun

What is the cause of humans’ slavery? Many people would answer the world financial system, the global élite, Bilderberg, Rothschild and so on. Their contribution is surely true, but why do billions of people depend on these few ones who manage the financial system? Because most of them trust the illusory, dominant field, which provides electricity and so supplies all the main means of communications. It is the electromagnetic field, that we can see, observe and easily use. Contrary to what many believe this field is not the only existing one and it cannot explain the sublime organization of the living-forms; it is even ignored by the most sophisticated kind of matter on the planet. This is the organic one that composes our human brain, the white matter that provides the brain connectivity without electricity and it is the biological basis of that synchrony we feel as consciousness, presence, evolution, deep sensation of imminent, epochal changes. 

Just looking at governments and churches, all linked to the world financial system, media ignore what is going to occur. Therefore most people ignore the wondrous opportunity they all have to free themselves from the scarcity syndrome that has afflicted the known human history for millennia. Major changes are actually taking place regarding the sun, the Earth and all of us, terrestrials. The sun’s magnetic field is going to flip from North to South into the next few months; it will impact the entire heliosphere – the magnetic bubble, about 1 light-year wide – into which the solar system is imbedded. Solar scientists have recognized that the sun’s powerful magnetic field flips every 11 years. Therefore “don’t panic”, says NASA, “it has already occurred many times”. I do agree; panic is useless and harmful.

However we should realize that this flip is radically unusual respect to all the previous ones

A giant breach in the Earth’s magnetosphere – 4 times wider than the Earth itself – was officially recognized in December 2008. Through spatial probes, scientists also measured a huge flux of particles – solar wind – entering into the breach and the interior of the magnetosphere. Since then, other big and small cracks in the Earth’s magnetosphere have appeared. So we realized that solar storms can provoke geo storms, possibly affecting the Earth’s atmosphere too. Examining the solar activity and its interaction with the Earth, it was evident the vulnerability of power grids and satellite as well as all what is being done to reduce that vulnerability. Media depict scenarios such as the “end of the world”, while the self-conscious human beings realize that it is rather the beginning, the great opportunity for overall freedom, abundance, harmony and joy.

A new world is possible and it already exists. We couldn’t see it up to now, simply because it doesn’t interact with the electromagnetic light, but it does with the other side of the Force. It is not science fiction. In the 80′s physicists have discovered the “new” Electroweak Force, as the synthesis of two fields: weak nuclear and electromagnetic. While the latter is very well known and broadly used, the former is an invisible nuclear force, involving what we might call the light side of the Force. This is an impetuous, extremely copious flux of particles (Z bosons), which can move the nuclear ones, composing any physical body. This Force actually is UNIVERSAL LIFE and Its light side is what we can feel as self-consciousness, as I wrote in my book Das Sonnenkind (in German), the translation of Baby Sun Revelation (in Italian)

For more than three centuries astronomy was only based on the optical observations made at the ground; it has shown a vast and lifeless universe, a huge “vacuum” that separates the Earth from all the other celestial bodies. At the microscopic scales, the atoms, which compose any visible body, are mainly empty too. Both spatial researches and quantum physics have so shown that “vacuum” doesn’t actually exist. It has huge energies, known as Zero Point Energy. We are living exceptional times at present. According to space experts “the Earth’s magnetosphere is leaking, the solar wind penetrates deeper, whereas in the past it was an efficient shield that deflected charged particles of cosmic origin headed for Earth. Thus our magnetosphere doesn’t protect us any longer.” Why do experts believe that cosmic rays are harmful? Because these are very high-energy particles of “mysterious origin” as they say. And what if the “mysterious origin” were an invisible, parallel universe that appears as “vacuum” to the instruments that just record the electromagnetic field? If it is so, cosmic rays witness a “weak” interaction, a possible cold nuclear fusion between two universes. “We are not entirely safe because weakened field could leave our planet vulnerable to solar winds”, say scientists. Contrary to what they believe, this peculiar nuclear fusion would be highly beneficial, affecting the nuclear matter that composes all the organisms and, mainly, our human minds.

We could finally perceive the parallel universes, i.e. consciously use each one’s white matter that matters for many reasons. One is that its cells – known as glia - occupy 85 percent of the brain, whereas neurons account for only 15 percent of the brain. Another main reason is that, unlike neurons, there is no electrical activity within glia to send messages and information. A good analogue is the under-appreciated dark matter in astronomy. Dark matter is undetectable because it emits no electromagnetic light, as normal matter in the observable universe does. Thus the glia could compose a sort of dark matter that ultimately interacts with the light side of the Force. So we can discover a “new” kind of communication that has always existed and it was evident in dreams, sensations, feelings, eros, emotions, creativity. It could be a communication composed of phonons (sound quanta), “fallen” into the collective unconscious and independent from the photons, the quanta of the electromagnetic light. 

If a solarstorm enters the various breaches of the Earth’s magnetosphere, the resultant geostorms can assault the Earth’s atmosphere. In such an event, the results would be planetwide and assault power grids, communication grids, astronauts, military and other satellites and all GPS systems (including military GPS). Most electromagnetic communications would fail too.

What about the people? Safe and free from any military power. No electricity, no weapons! 
A return to the past? No, we’ll be back to the future, we’ll finally realize that what astronomers have called “observable universe” actually is a holographic simulation, a 4D FILM, projected on the 4D plasma screen that surrounds all of us, the Earth’s magnetosphere. Such a screen has allowed astronomers to only observe the past and hidden the future, i.e. hidden the REAL UNIVERSE that is INFINITE, INTELLIGENT and ETERNAL. The Earth’s magnetosphere has been the cause of our collective illusion and not at all a “protective shield” as most scientists say. 

During the last few years, the 4D screen has been vanishing and the sun’s imminent flip could abruptly accelerate this process. I don’t actually know whether there will be just one planetwide event or a series of small events. Yet we all know that military lobbies no longer succeed in making huge wars, because we, the people, don’t want them any more. 

Thanks to the nuclear fusion between the visible and the invisible universes, more and more people will be able to consciously use the light side of the Force, to discern the true from the false and to develop the extraordinary abilities of their own brains, i.e. to use their own hyperspace antenna or brain white matter. As I show in my short video The stars will fall from the sky the vanishing of the Earth’s magnetosphere is not a danger for humanity. It was the WOMB into which we have been imbedded for millennia, the Revelation of the Cosmic Pregnancy that has come to its conclusion. It is therefore the BIRTH of the INNER CHILD, the emergence of all the humans who yearn for a sage, right and abundant world, the evidence that no limits actually exist. We need to use the light side of the ForceUNIVERSAL LIFE This is what we cannot see, but can feel as intuitions, sensations, foresights, feelings, eros, creativity, innovation, emotions. Therefore just observe, love and trust yourselves.

The mirror model of the observed rainbow

What if the so called “edge” of the solar system were a sort of platonic cave into which the solar system is imbedded?It is quite possible and coherent with the data coming from two probes, Voyager 1 and IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer)

Launched 36 years ago, Voyager 1 and its twin Voyager 2 are now more than 120 times the distance between the Earth and the sun. They should have reached the “edge” of the solar system so large as to make negligible the Earth-sun distance, reinforcing the heretical thesis I described in my book Baby Sun Revelation (in Italian),  Das SONNENKIND (in German).

In June, 27, 2013 NASA’s Voyager 1 has encountered a strange new region at the outer reaches of the solar system, suggesting the spacecraft is poised to pop free into interstellar space, scientists say. How many times have they announced such a news?

The first time was in 2003, when the spacecraft’s instruments indicated that particles around it were moving subsonically. The sun actually produces a plasma of charged particles called the solar wind, which get blown supersonically from its atmosphere at more than 1 million km/h, about 10% of the light speed. Noticing its slowing down to subsonic speeds they had supposed that the probe had reached the edge. Yet it was not so.

About a year ago, August 2012, everything got really quiet around the probe. Voyager 1’s instruments indicated at the solar wind suddenly dropped by a factor of 1,000, to the point where it was virtually undetectable. This transition happened extremely fast, taking roughly a few days. At the same time, the measurements of galactic cosmic rays increased significantly, which would be “just as we expected if we were outside the solar wind,” said physicist Ed. Stone of Caltech, Voyager’s project scientist. Therefore it looked almost as if Voyager 1 had left the sun’s influence.

Again it was not so. In June, 27, 2013, another problem, a baffling surprise. The solar wind was completely gone, but the galactic cosmic rays were coming preferentially from one direction – the sun – and not streaming in from all directions, as it would have occurred if the probe were into the interstellar medium. Even though the solar particles had dropped off, the probe hasn’t measured any real change in the magnetic fields around it. That’s hard to explain because the galaxy’s magnetic field is thought to be inclined 60 degrees from the sun’s field. Thus the Voyager’s project scientist Ed Stone speculated that the probe could travel some months or even years before it reaches interstellar space. 

The models that have been thought to predict what should happen are all incorrect. Reading the latest announcement – June 27, 2013 – we might realize that nobody actually knows what the edge of the Solar System is. No one is entirely sure what’s going on, but most scientists are “sure” that the interstellar space exists.

My theses are the effects of personal and collective inner visions, as I wrote in my latest book Baby Sun Revelation. The interstellar space doesn’t exist at all.

The universe is small and finite, probably coinciding with the heliosphere that is similar to a hall of mirrors. These mirrors reflect the “shadows”, as Plato said, i.e. infinite images of a few bodies, or rather holograms, imbedded into the heliosphere. The “secret” has been told and re-told; it is the geometry of space that is not empty, non homogeneous and not even isotropic as the copernican principle presumes. The geometry of space has a fractal, or better a cellular structure that shows what space really is: a COSMIC WOMB into which a COSMIC PREGNANCY has developed itself.

Credits NASA - The rainbow on the

My these are confirmed by the IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) probe.

Through it, solar physicists have discovered a narrow and giant “ribbon” of bright emission, caused by neutral atoms. This was completely unexpected and not predicted by any model at the time. They so realized that  the magnetic field surrounding our solar system acts like a mirror for the particles that IBEX sees. Solar physicists did not expect this “mirror effect,” which is “somewhat analogous to exploring an unknown cave,” as they said. “By activating IBEX, we suddenly see that the solar system has a lit candle and see its light reflected in the cave walls’ shining back at us,” said Arik Posner, IBEX program scientist at NASA Headquarters. “What we find is that the ‘cave wall’ acts more like a faint mirror than like a normal wall,” he added, in 2010. 

Thus we should face a main problem: which is the CAUSE of the ribbon, relfected on the “walls” of the solar cave? It is the TRUE SUN – the Earth’s inner SUN.

However the two probes, Voyager 1 and IBEX are confirming what the platonic wave had already affirmed. We are imbedded into a mirror universe and our goal is to discover who we are. This might be achieved looking within ourselves, using our inner sight.


Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.


What we call “sky” actually is a hall of mirrors, a holographic simulation.


What we call “moon” could not be a real body, but just an image, a HOLOGRAM…


June 2013. It seems we must prepare ourselves for a wondrous surprise.


There is a great strain on the earth in these years. Churches and governments seek solutions to the economic problem  that plagues all the people. Is the problem economic? It is not. The main problem is cultural, concerning a false conception or reality that makes us unhappy, “enemies” and responsible for a millenary deception on earth. 
The solution could arrive from the sky.


Our Sun is currently undergoing a number of unusual changes and researchers do not understand all of them. Approximately every 11 years the magnetic field on the sun reverses completely – the north magnetic pole switches to south, and vice versa. This flip was expected in 2012 (the previous one was in 2001), but it has not yet occurred. Moreover many have realized that gravity is not a fundamental force of nature. We do experience it on the Earth’s surface, but it could not be due to the Earth’s entire mass as previously believed. Gravity seems to be an entropic effect, due to the cold temperature of the Earth’s thin biosphere, the place where we “live” or rather suffer…


We now face a deep crisis that seems economic. 
The true crisis actually regards humans’ happiness, in my view.


Time is money; time implies increasing debts too. However the link between money, debt and time is not a natural fact; it is a huge bluff of the human minds. We don’t actually know what time is. We can remind that our day depends on the Earth’s rotation on its own axis – what physicists call “spin or intrinsic angular momentum” – and our year depends on the Earth’s rotation around the sun, that is the Earth’s “orbital angular momentum”. The  latter one considers the Earth as a rigid body, a hypothesis that recent discoveries are radically disproving. The Earth’s crystalline, solid Core – a sphere with a radius of 1200 km – rotates faster than the Earth’s surface, while the Earth’s inner, inner Core – a sphere with a radius of 300 km – rotates in the opposite versus, Westwards instead of Eastwards. However all the times depend on the rotations.  Our human body seems still. Yet all the particles, that compose it, do spin. As the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance shows, our body’s health depends on the orientation of its nuclear spins.


All these facts suggest the crucial importance of rotation, the presence of a universal rotational field that is the fundamental force of all nature; it could be linked to the “mysterious” dark energy that is expansive and overwhelming gravitational attraction. 


Happiness is expansion, communion, love.


In May, 9-10 2013 an annular solar eclipse has occurred


During a solar eclipse, the Earth’s rotation abruptly changes. This means that our terrestrial time changes too. This fact was discovered in the 50’s by Maurice Allais who won the Nobel price as an economist, in 1988. He presented a theory that centred on the idea of a sort of ether, or what he called an anisotropy of space. This anisotropy could coincide with the quantum rotating aether, based on an angular momentum paradigm, that is a new foundation for physics (it is opposed to the mass/energy paradigm of Einstein). The aether can generate all the rotations, backward and forward in time. The parity of these two arrows of time should exist, as a theory. 
As a practice parity violation has been observed up to now.


Men always choose masculine terms. What they call “ether” might coincide with the Mother Substance of which many sages have already spoken. “She” – the Mother Substance – generates all the rotations, both clockwise and anticlockwise. “She” is therefore eternal, implying all the times, which flow forward and backward in time.

All the events occurring in these years might finally show that parity is the law of an abundant Nature that allows us to make a jump in the future.


It is not a usual “quantum jump”. It implies a peculiar cold nuclear fusion, involving antimatter and so transmuting the “normal” matter that has composed the observable universe – our human bodies included – up to now. This fusion unveils each one’s individual immortality and the way towards joy and transparency to the eternal Mother Substance. Therefore we might face a wondrous revelation. The universe – astronomers have observed – is not real; it is just a hologram, “fallen” into a chaotic state, apparently determined by gravity.


According to recent data, space is a hall of mirrors that reflect infinite images of one same body. Did scientists discover new Earth-like planets? They could be various, different holograms, reflecting the Earth. And what about the moon? Our “natural” satellite could be a larger, distant image, a holographic reflection of a smaller and closer, artificial satellite.


This thesis appears as an absurdity to many people. Yet we can check it. The international research team led by Saku Tsuneta. a professor at NAOJ, has been performing the monthly polar observations with Hinode from September 2008 to this date. In May 2013, the polarity at the north of the sun appears to have decreased close to zero – that is, it seems to be well into its polar flip from magnetic north to south — but the polarity at the south is only just beginning to decrease.




The Earth


“Right now, there’s an imbalance between the North and the South poles,” says Jonathan Cirtain, a space scientist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre. “The north is already in transition, well ahead of the south pole, and we don’t understand why.” If the north pole is already flipping, the Sun may soon have not two, but four poles! Curiously, the Earth is showing four poles too. Morevoer various planetary configurations are occurring. The exact square Uranus and Pluto, Mars opposite Saturn.  All the configurations can interact with the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) linked to the solar wind, a plasma critically dependent on the Sun’s daily rotation that is similar to the Moon’s one: 27-28 days. The IMF reverts its own polarity each 2-3 minutes!


If a universal rotational field does exist as I propose, it can interact with all the peculiar configurations that are occurring on 2013, and will also occur 2014 and 2015.


If the “moon” is just a hologram, it is possible that the “moon will no longer give its light” as John wrote in his Revelation, two millennia ago. Let’s see what happens.


See new updates 

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

I wish to you all an extraordinary year 2013 , the beginning of the wondrous Rebirth that will finally bring what we have yearned for millennia: utopia, individual freedom and collective harmony, overall prosperity, well-being, the friendship of all the people, the ones living on the Earth’s surface and also the ones who live above and/or below it.

We are finally approaching the announced event: the REVELATION that infinite, intelligent worlds do exist.

We have not seen them up to now, simply because our human sight is terribly limited. We can observe no more than 1% of all what scientific minds now calculate, we ignore that the Earth’s surface is surrounded by two plasma screens – the Van Allen belts – that have prevented us to see the many futures that already exist. We haven’t observed a universe as many people still believe. We usually observe electromagnetic light in optical frequencies and therefore just one of its infinite possible images. Many scientists now speak about biomagnetic, geomagnetic and heliomagnetic fields that are quickly changing and so affecting our human ways of feeling and perceiving. They are perfectly right, in my view. Yet they neglect the CAUSE of all these fields. It is MOTION, mainly ROTATION and not just vibration, as many say.

The CAUSE is the peculiar RELATION between every single body and the massive weak neutral current that penetrates it. This is the carried by billions and billions of massive Z bosons, which make all the particles spin, either left or right, i.e, either anticlockwise or clockwise. This nuclear current is the same River of Life of which Heraclitus spoke millennia ago, in my view; it indicates that we all participate in an Organic Universe Invisible, but so real as to make the molecules of our human bodies spin so as move us.

Ignoring the River and just looking at the dark side - the electromagnetic field - astronomers believe we are imbedded into a vast, lifeless and mechanical universe. They still trust the Copernican Principle, forgetting the many evidences that refute it.

Thanks to spatial researches we can now realize that the sky is a hall of mirrors, as I show in my video Copernican Illusions.

Thanks to seismic tomography, we know that the Earth’s Core is extremely dense, composed of three Cores that move independently from each other. Thanks to neurosciences we know that our human brain is composed of three brains (rational, emotional and reptilian). Does a direct communication exist between them all? Yes, it does. It is similar to that between a central Hard Core and Its terminals, with a substantial difference though. In the latter case the dark side - electromagnetic field - is involved, whereas in former one, the weak nuclear current links and moves them. This current is the River of Life that can move our emotional brain, blocked by human fear and by a “knowledge” that ignores what Life is.

Since December, 21, 2012, a deep sense of Rebirth is spreading all over the world. During the last winter solstice something exceptional has occurred. Has it involved the centre of galaxy, as Maya said? Much more. It has mainly involved the Earth’s innermost Core (radius 300 km) that is a main spinning black hole. I saw the exceptional event in an inner vision of mine. In order to describe it, I need superluminal theories and not just quantum physics, realize what Life is and, last but not least, what matter is

I describe this exceptional event in my latest book, BABY SUN REVELATION (in Italian) and I’m looking for publishers who are willing to translate it into their language and publish it.

I want to add that our triune brain and the Earth’s three Cores overwhelm any kind of physics and unveil the true “secret”. It is the “dark” expansive, rotational energy of all the particles that compose any body without any need for fuel. It is a double movement, powered by itself, by the two “opposite” rotations, linked to each other. The “secret” of the infinite energy is the parity between anticlockwise and clockwise rotations inside any body, contrary to the parity violation that we have been observing outside. An analogous parity could finally emerge inside the proteins, the macromolecules of our human body, and even into our DNA.

The hiles of our brain

The announced Event is the REVELATION of the true Sun within the Earth, coinciding with an overwhelming peaceful (R)EVOLUTION of our human minds. The Earth’s innermost Core could be the BLACK SUN many traditions have spoken about, a BLACK HOLE, instantly linked with the WHITE HOLE that appears as the visible sun in the sky. This opportunity implies an overwhelming revision of all what we have believed up to now. 

The rational and bipolar, lower mind should leave its dominant role so as to allow the Higher Mind to show Its oneness with the infinite Organic Universe, Its attuning to the light Side of the Force. The Higher Mind is composed of special cells that do not use the dark side of the Force, as I show in my short movie The stars will fall from the sky. People often look for scientific explanations in order to explain spirituality. This effort is useless in my view. The true “secret” regards the inner movements of any coherent body, ultimately the nuclear spins that compose it. The true “secret” is the extremely sophisticated organic matter that composes our human body. An inner alignment is possible for all the people who want it. This would help all the other people who don’t know what is occurring, but anyway yearn for a sage, right and prosperous world.

I made workshops with hundreds of people and many of them were able to “see” the Earth’s inner Sun, “feel” the fascinating and wondrous Opera the same Sun composes and emits. Observing within ourselves is not a spiritual meditation as many people believe. It is the ability to follow the ways of the Force,  the activation of each one’s Higher Mind that so progressively becomes what it is planned for: a hyperspace antenna.

I describe my researches and discoveries in my latest book BABY SUN REVELATION that is in Italian despite its title in English. Feeling my self as a citizen of the world, I wrote the title in English, trusting that the Force, Life, will show me the ways of diffusing it. Yet no words can describe the intense emotion and joy of being what you truly are: an immortal Being in this world, but not from this world.

Therefore I wish you all an extraordinary and joyful Rebirth

Giuliana Conforto

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

“I am a world citizen, Father Sun’s and Mother Earth’s son” said Giordano Bruno through his exceptional synthesis many people consider as a deep truth.

Yet… what is the world? If we are sincere, we realize we have different views about the world and these do not match at all. A common view is the geopolitical one. Last August, in Teheran, the summit of the 120 Non-Aligned countries rejected the interference of the Aligned countries (70 – among which Italy – out of the 190 UN members). They suggested reforming UNO, an interesting initiative the media did not spread. Given the endless wars, the sorrow and costs that fall on peoples as well as the deleterious effects of UN troops, such a reform is surely desirable.

Is this enough to get peace in the world? I really do not think so. It is fair to reject the interference or even the arrogance of USA, Europe and Israel in the Middle East, but I consider it naïve to trust in the ‘goodness’ of the Non-Aligned nations and specially of the Islamic ones. If we really want peace, it is urgent to discern between peoples, nations and the borders to be “protected” by UN troops or governmental armies. Peoples have neither these borders nor need they to be protected ‘against’ other peoples.

Peoples do not want war. Peoples want to live well, with dignity and prosperity.

What is needed to have a fair world, with no borders or armies? The consciousness that we are world citizens.

We all have the same primary and secondary needs too. We, men and women, all want to be free, to express our creativity, to cultivate friendships and mutual respect, to share happenings, to enjoy nature, to use non-invasive and useful technologies and, why not, to eliminate the inconsiderate use of medicines.

Do you know what all this means in terms of energy as well as happiness?

It means that there are plenty of resources. The biggest energy consumptions actually come from arms and pharmaceutical industries. I do not know exactly how much it is to maintain military aircrafts, but I think it is quite expensive, also considering training and design costs. Redeploying armies in order to improve the environment, canalizing waters, sanitizing water networks, helping people in need – all this is possible. Why do men consider it impossible? Because they identify the world, or better the universe, with the history they were taught at school. 

The Big Bang theory, the origin of universe within a few minutes – 13.7 billion years ago – followed by the origin of the solar system within a few days – 4.7 billion years ago, then the abrupt flourishing of Life 2 billion years ago. This mysterious entity, Life, is only present on planet Earth and able to evolve through its own catastrophes until the appearance of Homo Sapiens. Here we are. Are we actually wise (sapiens)? No, we are so ignorant as to believe in the lies we are being told, peculiarly, in the key concepts – space and time - orthodox sciences still maintain at a public level.

“Only one Force, Life, joins endless intelligent worlds ” wrote Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), announcing its future revelation too. A wondrous, cosmic Force was actually revealed in the 80′s and named  Electroweak, but physicists do not suspect it is Life. This Force has two, dark and light, sides and involves an imponent and expansive flux of Z bosons, faster than light messengers which challenge our classical idea of time.

The elasticity and reversibility of time are tested properties at present, but academies and media do not spread them. People might suspect that “real values” such as money, debt, interest, etc. are all based on an irreversible and immutable arrow of time that doesn’t actually exist. This idea of time is just virtual and illusory, useful for maintaining the dominant paradigm that has exploited men’s naive credulity up to now.

Another illusion is space. Since Galileo pointed a telescope toward the sky, space look empty and immense, populated by distant stars and planets, all rigorously lifeless. What has modern astronomy observed for about three centuries? Just the optical frequencies of the electromagnetic field . Thanks to new instruments and spatial probes, we can now see different images of any body, and realize that shapes and mutual distances critically depend on the frequency we choose to observe. For instance the image of the Earth in extreme ultraviolet – the plasmasphere – is 4-5 times larger than the optical one, as I show in my video The star will fall from the sky.

Yet most of us mistake the optical images for the only existing reality. What if the image of the Earth, in ultraviolet frequencies, represented the Promised Land? If it were so, we might realize our millenary deception and why we haven’t seen the other intelligent worlds up to now. Simply because our human sight, the scientific one included, is usually limited to the electromagnetic light that is the dark side of the Force. The so called plasmasphere could actually involve dark matter and dark energy that no scientific instrument can register. The dramatic and conflictual situation of our world depends on a blind culture. Sciences just use instruments that cannot see the other intelligent world and we all, humans, do not use the largest portion of our brain – white matter – that is able to use the light side of the Force.

Therefore we all miss consciousness, the sense of unity that Life has always shown, the instant interconnectedness of many different spaces and times. Please notice that consciousness is not to be mistaken for awareness, nor for channelings which are spreading the fear of catastrophe all over the world. There will be one, it is even ongoing, only in its original Greek meaning – katastrofé – that is deep renewal of a small portion of our brain,  our sluggish mind – grey matter – that mistakes what it sees for reality.

The pictures may not match the real astronomical bodies, especially as the Earth is imbedded into a giant hall of mirrors, as the microwave observations have proved.

Spacequakes at night

Proceeding along the lines of the magnetic field, solar storms hit the Earth at night

Nowadays, there are many novelties which a few people spread, because everyone wholly trusts astrophysics, ignoring that it just observes a half of the electromagnetic field, the one coming from the past. Astronomers do not observe the other half, the one coming from the future, that must exist even according to the laws of physics. The NASA’s THEMIS probes have recognized that huge solar storms provoke spacequakes that are reflected onto the Earth’s nightside at about 2 or 3, as it is shown in this short video SPACEQUAKE _ EARTHQUAKE

As a fact, many people wake up at 3 in the morning with new sensations and/or make dream announcing future events. These facts prove that there is no separation between heaven and earth, past and future; the latter is already there, filled with spaceships and hidden by astonomers’ blindness, at least 96% of the calculated mass, according to their same calculation.

Last 21st September a meeting at the Keshe Foundation (Belgium) took place, where extraordinary technologies have been introduced to many government representatives. It is important to know that these technologies do exist, that they are valid and designed by those world citizens who already travel by spaceship.

Yet, in my opinion, to believe that technology will save us is another illusion. We, the world citizens living on Earth’s surface, will save ourselves on our own, by using  all of our brain and realizing that we have not been seeing the real reality up to now but believed in a science – the Copernican astronomy – which has depicted a 3D-film that is no more valid. Are we just a few? Yes, just a few, yet helpful to everyone.

Life is the Cause of the genetic evolution that is taking place. If it is the gentle, imponent and wondrous Force, physicists call Electroweak, you should know that this Force needs no critical mass, as it is usually believed. It is just suggesting all of us, humans, to evolve and preparing an imminent jump in the future.

The task of the few conscious people is to help other people and themselves understand that the change is mainly a perceptive catastrophe. This is not the end of the world, instead the beginning of a new era when all the world citizens in the heaven and on earth will gather. The revelation of intelligent people is imminent, since the Earth’s magnetosphre is vanishing. It protect us, according to the orthodox sciences. It is not so, in my view. The Earth’s magnetosphere has hidden the future that has always existed on heaven and on the Earth’s soil too, as dreams, sensations, intuitions, human yearning for a peaceful and prosperous world.

So we will finally realize that the Promised Land is neither place nor Israel. It is a “new” way of perceiving that implies the conscious use what we all have: our brain white matter, as I wrote, in my new book, BABY SUN REVOLUTION, that is in Italian and will be published in Italy into the end of 2012.

Last July the news about start-of-art technologies, able to modify gravity and to allow shifts from one continent to another within a few minutes. The Iranian nuclear engineer Mr Mehran Keshe has designed plasma reactors, which generate their own fields – magnetic and gravitational – and can allow us to win the Earth’s gravity. I have soon visited the website http://www.keshefoundation.org and I have found many analogies with my own research. I don’t know Keshe’s technology, but I appreciate its theoretical basis. I am glad that it demystifies the taboo of gravity – the ‘mystery’ that sciences passe off as solved and that, on the contrary, it is not at all.

In a video Mr Keshe shows the basic principles of his technology and points out the existence of a wormhole – a black hole – at the Earth’s centre. He proposes a conception of matter in agreement with the Standard Model, in my view. In my book, recently translated in French, Petit Soleil, I state that this black hole, within the Earth, is the same one that geophysicists call “inner inner core” – a sphere with a radius of 300 km – in the centre of the Earth’s Crystalline Core. Moreover, I also suggest that this peculiar black hole concides with the SOL INVICTUS, or BLACK SUN, linked to the worship of Mithras, which originated in Persia (Iran) and was widely diffused in the ancient Rome too. The pieces of history fall into place through the Hermetic theses I put forward again: the black hole at the Earth’s centre is linked instantly to the white hole at the Sun’s centre. This implies an astronomic and anthropic revolution, many sages have announced, while orthodox religions and mechanical sciences have hidden for ages.

Hermetic theses are not effects of the scientific method, but evidences of men’s brain abilities, and the higher complexity of all our cells.  Thus it is evidente that human brain is an outstanding hyperspace antenna and the nuclei of our cells are mini wormholes, which link parallel universes as I show in my video: The stars will fall from the sky. During my workshops, many participants and I have ‘seen’ that the Sun in the sky is definitely not the ball of gas depicted by astrophysics. Within the Sun’s core there are neither hundred-million degree temperatures nor hot nuclear fusion. Mr Keshe’s gravitational technology certainly shows realistic perspectives, it is not an unfounded story as some media claim. I wonder which governments will send their representatives to the meetings of September 2012, fixed by the Keshe Foundation. How can they find ‘experts’ available to discuss it? His technology could change the destiny of the world, yet it might be vanished by the usual power play. This is the mis-knowledge of the real reality the same power intentionally fosters, so as to make people ignore their own infinite resources.

As I point out in my book Petit Soleil, and my videos* there is a similarity between the traditional image of the ancient BLACK SUN and the current PARKER SPIRAL that describes the extremely rapid motions of the IMF (Interplanetary Magnetic Field). This is a recently discovered field, which quickly reverses its own North-South polarity and, when it points to South, erases the Earth’s magnetosphere that points to North since thounsands of years.  Their common characteristic is the duality of the motions that shift from anticlockwise to clockwise and viceversa. We now know that its reversal occurs each 2-3 minutes. This “new” field, IMF lets us confirm the event announced by many prophecies, the revelation.

What we, humans, call “sky” is not the real reality, but a 3D, holographic movie, projected on the apple-shaped magnetosphere that sorruounds all of us. Thus eating the apple means mistaking a 3D film, or matrix,  for reality. In the meantime, the ‘good’ governments – among which the Italian one – threaten Iran, the ‘bad’ nation fighting against Israel. All of them, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ones, try to hide the real reality, so as to silence the people’s actual will, peace, prosperity and true justice. These innovative technologies will allow all the people to get rid of the biblical sentence ‘you will work in the sweat of thy brow salt thou eat thy bread’.

Therefore I invite you to spread the news about the Keshe Foundation so that serious researchers will go to its meetings and that such technologies will not be buried by the usual “global power” which shows off the virtual “values”: money, debt, war, etc.

* My most recent videos are: 1_Time and Apple, 2_The shadows of the ideas, 3_The stars will fall from the sky

The motions of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field 

The rapid, alternating motions of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field

 In July 2012 at CERN a great announcement: they have finally discovered the so called “God particle” that is the Higgs boson that confirms the Standard Model. After a long research, huge costs and thousands of people working on it, we are almost sure that the Higgs field – a sort of “creator” able to generate masses – actually exists.

Does it mean that god exists? I like the Standard Model and dislike the term “god”.

“There is no god” wrote Giordano Bruno, burnt at the stake for heresy in 1600 at Rome. I agree. Being a heretic physicist and using the Art of Memory, i.e. developping my cognitive potentials, I have interpreted the Standard Model in an ancient/new perspective that explains humans’ origins and shows that the real reality is an infinite and eternal Organic Universe, as the same Giordano Bruno had already stated.

The observable universe is not the real reality in my view, but just an optical illusion, transmitted by the electromagnetic field, a sort of “god”, since it is the creator of spacetime, strictly linked to the other “god” – the gravitational field – as Einstein has already shown. These two “gods”, or rather fields, are both eternal and linked to a third eternal “god”, the strong nuclear field. The respective messengers – photons, gravitons and gluons – of the three “gods” are all massless.

The Standard Model shows the crucial role of a “fourth” field – the weak nuclear one – that is rarely mentioned and carried by three massive messengers, named W+, W- and Z bosons. The weak nuclear field is quite special for many reasons, as I show in my books; it is unpredictable, extremely unstable, shows a clear preference for left rotations, typical of crystals, organic molecules, planets, galaxies etc, hence it is neither eternal nor a “god”.

In the 80’s the great discovery: the two – electromagnetic and weak nuclear – forces can be described by a single theory, that of the Electroweak Force. It is easy to recognize that the “weak” shares Its same messengers, hence it is what we might call “the light side of the Eloctroweak Force”, whereas the electromagnetic is the “dark side” because it just shows a minimal portion of the mass we calculate. Scientists have subjected the electroweack theory to many experimental tests and verified that it works. However, its basic equations seem to require all particles to be massless. Why do the W+, W- and Z bosons have huge masses and why don’t they respect the scientific theories? There are many possible answers. One is clearly shown in the Star Wars Saga. Using the Force implies a hard training that allows the disciple to feel the true reality, see parallel worlds, including the one of the so called “dead people”. It is what I and most of the participants experience during my workshop as well.

Physicists just use their artificial instruments and mathematics, they do not trust humans’ feelings and therefore they proposed a mechanism that, if added to the equations, would allow particles to have different masses. This is now known as the Higgs mechanism. Integrating it into the Standard Model allowed scientists to make predictions of various quantities, including the mass of the heaviest known particle, the top quark. Experimentalists found this particle just where equations using the Higgs mechanism predicted it should be. The Higgs mechanism works as a medium that exists everywhere and at any time. Particles gain mass by interacting with this medium of which the Higgs boson is the fundamental component, much as the photon is the fundamental component of electromagnetic light.

Ok, welcome Higgs boson. What surprises me is the common, tenaucious interest for particles’ different masses, in contrast with the lack of interest for their respective times. At least this is what most media speak about. The usual images of the Standard Model show four groups of particles: one is composed of the W+, W-, Z bosons that carry the Electroweak Force, able to operate on all the other three groups that are three different kinds of matter (each consisting of four matter particles, two leptons and two quarks for a total of twelve). Yet only one – the so called “normal matter” – is sufficient to explain the observable universe, say physicists. The other two groups are unstable and seem to differ from the “normal” one “only” in their larger mass, as they say. So doing scientific minds neglect the key problem – time – and induce us to believe that only what is stable is real.

As a fact, the one stable and the two unstable groups are all linked to the unstable and unpredictable, weak nuclear force, the light side of the Force.

“A new word is possible” many people say.

“Infinite intelligent worlds already exist” wrote Giordano Bruno in Renaissance, adding that “one only Force, Love, links and gives life to them”

Looking at the Standard Model we can realize that “the only Force” – Love – is the weak nuclear current, carried by the Z bosons. This is so quick as to take account for most life processes, such as eros, orgasm, conception, cellular regeneration, etc. It actually involves extremely high frequencies, much higher than the daily ones that lead our waking state. Human minds are “educated” to believe in one linear time, just one rate of time, and do not suspect that our dreaming and rest states can have other rhythms as they actually have. Ww cannot find Love bombarding a target at high energies, as they do in the laboratories, but just observing our same emotions, feelings. sensations. A new, wider perception is urgently needed.

So believing, humans sustain their own slavery, their dependence on the temporal power. No conflict actually exists among sciences, finances and religions; they are all useful for making us humans dependent on the same “power” that pretends to represent eternal “gods”, and allows all the banks to link money to linear time, hence to an increasing debt.

Do we live in free democracies?

No, we suffer in a global debtcracy, afflicted by the perennial idea of a “scarcity” that doesn’t actually exist. The unstable and unpredictable “weak” nuclear current is the most powerful force of the universal Nature.

“What god has united, man must not divide” is a famous sentence, quoted during any catholic marriage and stressing god’s morbid interest in humans’ sexuality.

Looking at the true Standard Model we can realize that any “division” is just cultural and referred to much more fundamental questions than marriages. One regards masses and times and, another, the existence of antimatter.

The true Standard Model actually implies not only the previously mentioned three kinds of matter, but also three kinds of antimatter, which flow from future to past and involve antigravity. Except the “normal” one we can observe, five groups are unstable, have different times and can even reverse the flow of time. Can these compose invisible universes? Yes, they can, and can also communicate with the “normal” observable one and with each other, through the Electroweak Force. This is the “only Force, Life, that links and moves intelligent worlds” as Bruno wrote. It is Universal Life, according to my heretic interpretation, “unstable” but able to trigger fleeting event, flow from past to future and from future to past, involve Memory and Plan.

The Force implies an Intelligent Design and shows the tenacious interest of the dominant paradigm to deny it.

The Standard Model could help us to realize the oneness of various universes in which we, humans, can participate and with which we can interact at any moment, when we fall in love, we are dreaming, resting and planning a new future.

Even limiting ourselves to its more succesful version, that only considers four groups of particles, we can envisage an interesting analogy with the four ELEMENTS – FIRE, AIR, WATER AND EARTH – that the Greek philosopher Empedocles (490-430 BC) proposed at his time and are still used by astrologers.

Therefore the “discovery” of the Standard Model rather marks a “rediscovery” that sages had made long time ago, probalby realizing what is now evident and neglected: mass is energy and cannot be divided by its proper time. Since different masses exist, also different times must exist.

Orthodox physicists, or rather official media, forget it as well as the fact that any single particle or body is indissolubly linked to its own motions; it has therefore its own proper time and can fulfil actions in the present that are the effects of its memories and plans. Any action is the true quantum varialbe that creates the true reality: eternal present

The key problem of contemporary physics is mass, whereas the true problem of our crazy society is time. If we realized that these two cannot be divided and that the real reality is made of actions, facts and not og words, theories or theologie, svirtual values such as spread, PIL etc, many conflicts would vanish.

Do different times exist? Yes they do, as it is obvious, just looking at our human perception of time or better times.

Many clues and events show that we are approaching the end of times that is the beginning of eternity, the revelation that we are in this world, but not from this world. Each of us can have different bodies, each composed of one kind of matter and/or  antimatter too. According to the hermetic thesis a cosmogony, quite different from the current cosmology, emerges. The seven Elements of the Standard Model are eternally brought into union, and eternally parted from each other. Many features now indicate that they are again brought into union. A new consciousness is actually emerging and an overwhelming new cosmogony could be proved. Practicing the Art of Memory we actually “see” many worlds, clearly consisting of antimatter, therefore, anti gravity. Visiting these “antiworlds”, we “inner travelers” also experience a time reversal.

Media have produced a lot of articles about the Higgs field, but most of them forget the existence of the three kinds of antimatter. Why? Because antimatter poses the millenary problem, “forbidden” by the dominant paradigm: time.

No science knows what time is.

No religion knows what Life is.

Are time and Life linked to each other? Of course they are, simply because Life is the coherence of all the nuclear motions in an organism, the harmony of all its rhythms, a piroetting dance, composed of the individual nuclear spins, as the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) diagnosis even shows.

Scientists’ belief in experimental objectivity is contradicted by their same discoveries.

Most people look for a paradigm shift.

I have been looking for it too and realized that this implies the transit from dualism, mainly the one between subjects and objects, to the unitary parameter or quantum variable that is made of our same human actions, ultimately, our true WILL.

If our actions are coeherent with Life PLAN – humans’ genetic evolution, the full use of our same brain and body – limits and/or eternal “gods” change.

We just need to use our Higher Mind, able to interact with the light side of the Force, the invisible “weak” energy that we can feel. We can always live Its/our fleeting events, such as love, eros, orgasm, emotions, feelings, intuitions, sensations.

Many events show that we will become also free from the eternal “gods” of physics, the gravitational, electromagnetic and strong nuclear fields.

What about the Higgs one? My feeling is that this field is changing too.

A nuclear fusion among particles and antiparticles is actually occurring, showing their union and mainly our human oneness with them all. This implies the revelation that we have been imbedded into a matrix, just one of the infinite possible ones, and this is now tansmuting.

For further details see my book Organic Universe

News from Rome, Italy: more and more people perceive their “dead” who are alive, conscious and willing to share their happiness. On the visible scenery, physical and political tremors occur, electromagnetic and gravitational fields fail, mystery deepens around the Vatican scandals. Are all these events connected? Yes, they are…

20th May 2012: a solar annular eclipse and a strong earthquake hit North Italy, an area considered as seismically safe. In South Italy terrorism kills again and, in Rome, Vatican scandals emerge. Meanwhile the Italian Prime Minister had joined the G8 in Washington and reached an agreement on ‘growth’: of what, of GDP? We all yearn for happiness, everyone’s wellbeing and overall prosperity; we want to express our own talents and don’t want to pay the debts created by the big banks. What is the main cause of the financial crisis that shakes all the governments of the world?

It could be the pillar that has supported any market for millennia: the temporal power. The Vatican has managed it so well as to make people forget that salaries, loans and debts all depend on the arrow of time that leads any being to death. This has meant a life troubled with the anxiety of the future and the need for religions that pretend to “represent” eternity. The fact is that time is not an independent and immutable “arrow” as calendars make us believe: it is instead a special effect of the electromagnetic field that, in its turn, is an effect of gravity, as Einstein has shown. Thus the temporal power has not natural foundation.

Soon after the earthquake, many were looking for its “culprits”, such as the HAARP programme, the US antenna system installed at the North Pole. Yet whatever electromagnetic field has not enough energy to cause earthquakes. HAARP has another fatal function. The Earth’s natural magnetic field is going off so much as to let us see the spaceships, showing that a future has always existed. Thus HAARP creates an artificial magnetic field that hides them and so maintains the temporal power, based on the false belief that only the past is “reality”.

In the Gospels, it is mentioned the “true LIGHT”. Announced by sages like Giordano Bruno, burnt at the stake in Rome (1600), a “new” FORCE was revealed at the end of the last century and awarded by various Nobel prizes. It is the synthesis of two already-known fields: weak nuclear and electromagnetic. Called by a difficult name – electroweak – this FORCE can ‘engender endless, intelligent worlds’, as Bruno had claimed. It involves a nuclear LIGHT having all the features of the true LIGHT that is ‘in this world, but not from this world’, as the Gospels quote: it can be the light side of the FORCE, i.e. the CAUSE that has accelerated the universe’s expansion in a few years.

This nuclear LIGHT can win gravity and even death in a few moments.

“The dead will rise”, as many prophecies sustain. Of course, it is not the powdered corpses coming back to life. It is the use of the FORCE, which allows us to perceive them and so realize that they are alive and sentient. The “dead” have been invisible up to now, simply because their bodies are composed of dark matter that doesn’t reflect the electromagnetic light, the only kind of light our eyes can see. Yet during a dream-like state we can use the light side of the FORCE, the only one able to move infinite universes that sciences calculate and cannot observe. These just observe the dark side – the electromagnetic field – as usual, i.e. the “creator” of spacetime, namely of the optical illusion that both sciences and religions maintain.

Thus we humans suffer from a profound ignorance – the meaning of LIFE. If It is the universal and eternal electroweak FORCE, as I claim, we can realize why all the organisms can perceive It, while the mechanical or artificial instruments cannot. These have no cellular structure, no blood system needed for perceiving and transmitting Its motions that we, humans, can feel as emotions.

Our common, mechanical “education” makes most humans behave like robots and lets them contribute to the “democratic” societies with their own beliefs. They just use their lower mind that is bound to sight, hence to the dark side - the electromagnetic field - of the FORCE. Our lower mind is a small portion of our brain, yet the ruling one; it trusts sciences, religions, parties, ideologies, “spiritualities” and, mainly, the good-evil division. Always looking for enemies outside, our lower mind never wonders about the main “mystery” that makes men slaves of markets: the relation between money and time, a “democratic” convention with no natural foundation.

The light side of the FORCE provides us, humans, with the energy needed to consciously use all of our brain. This also involves a HIGHER MIND, able to use the FORCE and directly interact with eternity. Many actually have dreams and sensation, not limited to spacetime. A great adventure is about to start and the events of these days indicate its main features, in my view.

The first earthquake in North Italy occurred at the same day as the eclipse – the Sun-Moon-Earth alignment. Very few know that, during the eclipses, Earth’s gravity and rotation change. This phenomenon is known as ‘Allais effect’ and was first observed, in 1954, by the French economist Maurice Allais, awarded with the Nobel Prize for economics in 1988. It is another clue that the ‘crisis’ actually concerns humans’ faith in an “objective reality” that doesn’t actually exist. As already known, a coin or a paper money, certified by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is a just a convention. Sciences also have their “money” most people accept without discussing – the mass or its equivalent energy – which are neither objective nor limited. A “new” dark energy is heating the entire universe, so showing that global warming doesn’t depend on the “man made” greenhouse effect. A novel form of cranial energy was recently measured by prof. J. N. Hansen through a torsional pendulum. All these facts indicate that no energy limits exist. So why do most people believe in limits? Because they don’t listen to the truths our HIGHER MIND transmits.

This is the larger portion of our brain, composed of glial cells, which do not use electricity and are not linked to a bipolar view as the lower mind is. Our HIGHER MIND is the seat of consciousness, in a unanimous vision; it is sensitive to emotions, linked to eros and psyche, and supporting our same lower mind. Our HIGHER MIND could conduct the inner harmony of our nervous system, if we were not ‘educated’ to control emotions, to separate them from sexuality and to believe that reality is only what we can see and count. If we pay attention to our inner voice, our same consciousness, we can listen to the universal HARMONY that is increasing Its own intensity so much as more and more people can hear it. What about Its cost? No one.

On June, 5-6, 2012 the Venus-Earth-Sun alignment will take place. It can mark the beginning of our great adventure, A JUMP IN THE FUTURE that changes our ways of conceiving “reality”, hence our actions, relations and, mainly, motions. What kind of motions? Mainly the nuclear spinning ones we can feel as emotions that critically affect the flow of our individual time. The Venus-Earth-Sun conjunction can affect the collective time. We just need to realize that any time is an effect of rotation. The surface of the Earth turns anticlockwise and to us, observers glued to it, everything goes in the opposite direction, that is from past to future. The surface of Venus, instead, turns clockwise and to “Venusians” everything goes from future to past. The alignment of these two planets is a gate to eternity through which we can go, listening to the FORCE we can feel as truth, love, emotion, consciousness that infinite intelligent universes do exist.

According to mythology, Venus is Rome’s divine mother, the goddess of beauty, love and the sexuality, up to now conditioned by the fear of a “god” who had first created and then forbidden it. We can understand that the key of any ‘power’ actually lies in the apparent “separation” eros and psyche, between what we feel – eros – and what our psyche trusts. As the same myth shows such a “separation” ceases, when our human psyche dares to go to the kingdom of the dead.

I want to communicate that here, in Rome, more and more people are realizing that the dead are alive and that all of us, humans, are immortal.

The apparent world is just a vanishing matrix.

The real reality is the Organic Universe, involving infinite universes, all connected with LIFE and disconnected from any kind of marketing.





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I strongly feel that we just entered a new phase of the Earth’s and humans’ evolution. In 3/13/2012 a gigantic triangle-shaped coronal hole has appeared in the Sun (pictures by NASA)

Was it a natural phenomenon?

According to the experts, it was the evidence of a huge coronal hole, part of the sun’s “normal physiology” and mainly due to our human brain that is trained to see patterns.
Yet the “experts” cannot explain why Massive Coronal Ejections (CME) leave these coronal holes, release huge quantities of matter and electromagnetic fields that can cause geomagnetic storms and even cancel the Earth’s magnetosphere that the same “experts” consider as a “protective shield” from the “harmful” cosmic rays.

According to me, we rather have to protect our minds from experts’ ideas and also from the catastrophic ones that circulate on the net. Cosmic rays are not at all dangerous: they compose a parallel universe in which we could even participate. Being composed of a peculiar kind of dark matter, we cannot observe it with our eyes, but we can feel its intelligence, recognize that it is linked to a future we have always felt as need for a right, sage and prosperous world.

Earth and Space sciences promote a huge illusion instead: they don’t actually know what reality is, simply because they cannot observe it. Space sciences just observe the electromagnetic field, created by the apple-like Earth’s magnetosphere. Contrary to the human brain, sciences are neither trained to see patterns nor able to understand their meaning. The Earth’s magnetosphere could be the famous, biblic APPLE that we, humans, still “eat”, as I show in my video 1 Time and Apple. We “eat” it in the sense that we mistake the illusory spacetime, that this APPLE creates, for reality. We haven’t realized it is just a 3D movie projected on the two plasma screens – the Van Allen belts – that surround the Earth’s surface. We are afflicted by false beliefs 2 The shadows of the ideas

Yet we are approaching an imminent JUMP IN THE FUTURE.
3 The stars will fall from the sky

The sun’s activity is increasing; if it will maintain this rhythm, it will reach its maximum during the first months of 2013. It is therefore crucial for all of us, who want to participate in the JUMP, to avoid panic and to help the people to realize what it is actually occurring: the end of a 3D movie we have mistaken for a real “universe”. If you appreciate my videos, please diffuse them, adding that:

“It will not be the end of the world, but rather the end of a slavery, the announced revelation of the ORGANIC UNIVERSE in which we, humans, participate. It is the great opportunity for us to be the protagonists of a peaceful and prosperous organic society on the Earth’s surface.”

Thanks and best wishes for an extraordinary new future,

Giuliana Conforto

J’ai la sensation claire et nette que nous sommes entrés, ces jours-ci, dans une nouvelle phase de l’évolution et que de nombreux signes, intérieurs et extérieures, le démontrent.

Le 13/03/2012 une forme triangulaire est apparue sur le Soleil.

Est-ce un phénomène naturel? Oui, d’après les experts. Ce triangle est un trou dans la couronne – partie de la “physiologie normale” du Soleil. Cela nous parait étrange car notre cerveau est habitué à reconnaitre des formes connues, tel que le triangle.

Toutefois, les “experts” ne savent pas expliquer pourquoi depuis ces trous jaillissent des émissions gazeuses massives et chaotiques ainsi que des champs magnétiques se dirigeant vers la Terre. Ces derniers prennent un ordre croissant au fur et à mesure qu’ils s’approchent de la planète. Pendant que les média passent sur cet évènement, la NASA lance des alarmes: ces émissions peuvent causer des tempetes géomagnétiques, détruire le réseau des transmissions électriques de notre planète et même effacer la magnétosphère terrestre que les experts considèrent comme un “écran de protection”.

A mon sens, il faut que nous protégions nos esprits des idées des experts et aussi de celles catastrophistes qui circulent sur le net. Les Sciences de la Terre et de l’Espace ne disent pas ce qu’est la réalité car, tout simplement, elles ne l’observent pas. Normalement, elles se limitent à observer un champ illusoire, celui électromagnétique créé par la magnétosphère terrestre, laquelle est en forme de POMME. Contrairement au cerveau humain, la physique ne reconnait pas les formes ni la CAUSE des formes. La CAUSE en est le Cristal au centre de la Terre: il tourne plus vite que la surface de la Terre où nous sommes et il est comme un PETIT SOLEIL dont le Soleil au dessus de nos tetes n’est qu’un reflet, un hologramme en… dissolution.

La forme triangulaire peut être une preuve que le Soleil dans le ciel est en fait une singularité de l’espacetemps, un trou blanc en contact instantané avec le TROU NOIR qui se trouve dans le cœur du Cristal même. J’ai essayé de résumer les résultats de ma recherche en mon livre PETIT SOLEIL et aussi en trois vidéos:

1_Le temps et la POMME

2_Les ombres des idées

3_Les étoiles tomberont du ciel

Je veux contribuer au SAUT DANS LE FUTUR imminent et réduire la crainte inutile. L’activité du Soleil s’accroit et, si elle garde son rythme habituel, elle atteindra son maximum dans les premiers mois de 2013. Si vous appréciez ces vidéos, je vous invite à les partager, en ajoutant que:

“Ce n’est pas la fin du monde, mais plutot la fin d’un esclavage. C’est la révélation de la SOURCE DE VIE, le PETIT SOLEIL au sein de la Terre. C’est une occasion extraordinaire pour renaitre avec un esprit libre et pour devenir les protagonistes d’une société organique qui garantira paix et prospérité dans le monde entier.”

Je vous souhaite un nouvel avenir.

Giuliana Conforto

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