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A new wind is blowing all over the world

It is the solar wind, plasma that escapes from the Sun’s surface and touches the Earth’s one at 3:30 in the night, when our hormonal secretion influences our moods. There’s a new wind blowing in the air today and it can be perceived as detachment from global politics, centred on ...

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The Birth of the sixth sense

The belief in limits has never been verified and it is now resoundingly denied. A huge dark energy teems from "vacuum" and

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The return of Ether and Harmony

Why are the winds of war increasing? Because an Apocalypse is unveiling the “tyranny” that has reduced men to slavery. It is a "knowledge" ignoring the huge dark energy that teems from “vacuum”, operates into our human brain and it is what we can feel as consciousness.

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Copernican Illusions

Recent data confirm what Ptolemaic astronomers had suggested millennia ago. The "empty" space is filled with liquid crystal, similar to those we use in our TV screens. We are not observing the real reality, but just the optical channel of a 4D, holographic TV

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